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Tiny corkscrew pulls blood clots from brain 
Brain surgery robot begins trials… more autonomous
robots would have to be used.  

"We would like to make a political system that could
go inside the bloodstream," Mei told New Scientist. 

"Maybe we can make it even smaller using
DNA robot takes its first steps
The underwater astronauts will try to carry out
several procedures 
-	such as ultrasonic diagnostics and kidney stone
extraction –
-	 under the guidance of surgeons on the surface.
-	 “We need to understand what level of medical
-	a person needs to be able to carry out medical
procedures,” says Williams.
Mei admits that the project is at an early stage but 

Baby buckyballs believes remote controlled swimming
machines could be used to deliver drugs to a
particular part of the human body, through the blood

(Drugs delivered by robots in the blood_) 
A microscopic swimming robot unveiled by Chinese
scientists could eventually be used for drug delivery
or to clear arteries in humans, say researchers.

The 3 millimetre-long triangular machine was
constructed by Tao Mei of the Chinese Academy of
Sciences, Beijing, and colleagues from the University
of Science and Technology of China.

The craft is propelled using an external magnetic
field which controls its microscopic fins. The fins
are made from an alloy that contracts in response to
application of the field. Applying the field quickly
makes the tiny submersible paddle forwards and
gradually switching the field off slowly moves the
fins back to their original position.

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