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                     It was McCoy. 
 2 gram Po Chai bottles C 17 H 17 NO (C2H3O2)2  
Heinrich Dreser syringe fraternity rampant Morphinism
agents renamed Army units of the Kuomintang (KMT) and
various CIA involvement in Narcotics trade. 

Daily intake 
Required specific chemist for operational efficiency. 
 Quantities of
 Dr. John Hill 
Dr. Samuel Crumpe 
Dr. Samuel Johnson  
Dr. John Freitag 
Dr. John Jones
Robert Burton --> Anatomy of Melancholy, the problem
of those who were insomniacs ‘by reason of their
continual cares, fears, sorrows, dry brains [which] is
a symptom that much crucifies melancholy men.’ 
Anointing the forehead upon retiring with an
opium-rosewater mixture and applying leeches behind
the ears then rubbing opium into their puncture marks.
Dr. Charles Hunter
***********Dr Fordyce Barker***********

Two of these chains, the heavy (H) chains, are
identical to each other and contain approximately 400
amino acids each.  The other two chains, the Light (L)
chains, are also identical to each other, but only
about half as long as each H chain.  The four chains
combined form a molecule, called an anti-body monomer
(mon ‘o-mer), with two identical halves, each
consisting of a heavy and light chain.  The molecule
as a whole is T or Y shaped.

Nine in the fourth place means:

“Yes but-“
  “But nothing!  Think about it.  The Meaning of Life!
 We get our fingers on that we can hold every shrink
in the Galaxy up to ransom, and that’s worth a bundle.
 I owe mine a mint.”

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