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Kirsty, trust me they are here. It is illegal in the US and everyone is 
paranoid for good reason so no one will come out and tell you that "yea, I'm a 
provider and here's my address and phone number", but you can rest assured that 
most of the major player's are reading this list. DEA, FDA, FBI included. Why 
wouldn't they? In my opinion it would be political suicide for someone to 
prosecute people for trying to help addicts but, the IRS doesn't care about politics 
and that is how they will bust people for doing Ibogaine treatments. Excuse 
me while I look out the window to see if the man is coming to get me. I know 
they are out there...........did you here that? I swear to God I didn't do 
anything illegal... well, not that illegal anyway. I'm not a provider but I know 
some, and they keep a real low profile. Everywhere else in the world it is 
pretty much ignored.         Randy
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