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Mon Jan 3 11:12:24 EST 2005

Francis, do you think gun control will keep evil people from being evil? 
Won't happen. Murder, suicide, mayhem and general madness will go on forever. I 
for one would like to see a place where you don't have to worry about these 
assholes with guns. I knew it once. A family farm in KY where we left our doors 
unlocked and no one ever came on our land and disrespected us. Ever. We hunted 
for food and pleasure. Everyone had guns. No one got murdered in Robertson 
County ever that I know of. Firearms were a way of life. Without them we wouldn't 
be who we are. The people on my Mom's side of the family were here for the 
Revolutionary War. They had guns and they used them then. Good thing.    Randy
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