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Hey Steve,

Your excited are you,..I understand,.I am still excited. :)
I did my treatment in Holland, Amsterdam. All I can say
is  WOW.

I took Iboga which is the whole plant extract,..and took this 
extract with a remarkable woman called Sara.

I hear Ibogaine is also great.

Sara is in Amsterdam,..her basic treatment is 1500 Euro.
It is done in a family environment, which for me was
wholesome and healing.

The price includes home cooked meals and accommodation.
Sara even picks you up from the airport,you are very well 
looked after. Sara is a Shaman healer.

The Iboga took away a lot of the underlying reasons to
be anesthetised, it worked beautifully for me.

The first few days of taking iboga I had no withdrawals,
then I started to get up to 15% withdrawals,..however they 
were shallow,..not annoying me on an emotional or soul
level. Like I had the flu and new it would pass.

As the saying goes,"this too shall pass"

I was also on Methadone,..which takes longer 
to come off.

The Iboga filled me with love untill I overflowed, it
showed me many things,..confirmed things I felt
to be true,..and also showed me situations where I thought I
was so right,..when I was so so wrong.

There are many beautiful people on this list that will assist
you,..if they could they would reach inside you and pull out 
all the hurt, blockages and clear your addiction.

Iboga did this for me,.allot of beautiful people put there
hands inside me and pulled out all the sh*t,..90% of it.

I believe the Iboga doesn't take it all away for a reason,
it leaves a little behind,..I believe,..so you have something
strong to rise up from,..like the yin changing to the yang.

I don't know about the treatment you speak off, however 
I have tried many and this is the only one that has worked for me.

If we talk on the list,it may help others that are thinking of doing this treatment.
I am excited Steve.
                                  with love.Jasen.
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               Thanks so much!!! You have to know how excited that I am getting right now with all this positive feedback. I really want off this stuff. Even though I believe that I actually use for the next year without trouble. I dont care. I can easily afford my habit which is about $100 a day. I am not a veteran drug guy. I never even tried a drug until 3 years ago and I was 37. Most people that I read about has had this problrm for years. But I recognize it has to stop NOW!!! Please tell me as much as you can about where you did it? How was it? How much did it cost? Did you have any Withdraws during it? After it? Are you Struggling now? Jusy anything that you can help me. GOD will bless you for helping people and I promise I am going to help people. I have access to money to help promote this more if it helps me the way that it has you. By the way is this definitely the best way .Is the Anesthnesia Rapid detox better or worse or what. I know I am asking alot but if you dont mind I would love your number so that we could talk(I am not a stalker just very excited) or I can give you mine.  Just let me know . 

                                 With Love,


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