[Ibogaine] Hey Steve.

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Sun Jan 2 15:26:24 EST 2005

Hi steve
His email is _brian at ibogainetreatment.net_ 
(mailto:brian at ibogainetreatment.net) , and  he has a web site www.ibogaine .net the site is unfinished but there 
is useful  info on there.  Gather as much information as possible, the people 
on this  list have experienced the ibo so you we can learn so much from them. 
 This  Brian guy sounds good i spoke to a guy named mark and he was on heroin 
for  years, brian treated him and he is clean that was coming up for a year  
now.  Brian is from Prague I dont know if he would travel to the states, he  
said he would to the UK if i payed his airfare, he comes to your home treats 
you  and when you are ok he goes, i am in the process of saving to have this 
done but  email him he seems really nice.
Love Donna
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