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Hi Steve, I'm not a addict and most of what I've learned about
addiction is from being on this list for nearly 4 years so in some way
I may have accidentally became more knowledgeable about addiction then
I ever planned to be ;)

The person who runs MindVox, has a whole series of ibogaine articles
published starting with less then 6 months clean and continuing for 2
or 3 years after that.


Patrick was on methadone, heroin and xanax and maybe something else I
forgot, I'm sure he or someone else will correct me if I'm wrong :) He
does write about doing ultra rapid opiate detox twice or three times
and everything else, he was another person like you who had a lot of
money and kept going to doctors. He didn't rate any of them very high

He finally detoxed with Deborah Mash in St. Kitts, but that was 5 or 6
years ago and his experience was different then a lot of other people's
because being tactful ;) he has a different relationship with her then
most other people ;) so what he got and what everybody else gets there,
might not be the same story :) :)

If you have a lot of money, the medical ibogaine detoxes that I know
about are St. Kitts and Mexico


Though I get the idea St. Kitts may have changed a lot in 6 years and
now people say they keep you sick there and the same about Mexico.
There are lots of people on the list who have detoxed at both. I think
what both centers have in common is that they have their program and
you will follow their program and not get what you want, which is where
all the other ibogaine places will work with you differently.

The best places to look on MindVox are Articles, Keeping Clean and


For treatment I think you are already in the best place, right here :)
I'm sure a lot of people can write you email and help you get ibogaine
and you can pick what sounds the best for you.

Happy New Year to everybody!


--- stowe01 at comcast.net wrote:

>  I live in the U.S would he travel here? I would love that. If so do 
> you have a number for him?
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>   Hi Steve
> I am looking to do the ibo in the new year there is a guy called
> Brian 
> who comes to your home to treat you he charges £600 plus his expenses
> are you in the UK???  talk to Jasen about what he experienced he was
> so 
> helpful.  I wish you all the luck in the world
> :Love donna

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