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Dear List,
I was wondering if anyone had the answers to these questions:
1. How long will it be before American muslims are placed in internment camps? Then I was wondering how long more it would be before gays who wish to get married followed by any other group in society deemed a threat or social nuisance. Will it affect house prices?
2. Does anyone happen to know what the final death count will be in Iraq? I am curious as I am just wondering if the Iraqis can have more babies so as to offset the numbers? Perhaps if they can be Christianised and told its God's law not to use a condom and to make babies for the fatherland. What would be a good number or does it really matter? Whats a life anyway, heh!
3. What is the total number of new arms that will be manufactured and will the arms industry be given sufficient support to build advanced weapons systems? Its better we aren't too close when we let them off. 
4. Do you think it will be possible to convince people of an upcoming social security crises so we can privatise the industry and give the financial services a much needed break after the bitter years of the last crash? Hopefully by then the planet will be unihabitable so the issue will be obselete. 
5. Given that we now have possibly managed to miss the deadline to clean up the environment, do you think we can keep this up and secure the energy industry as the planet visibly deteriorates around us? (It might be tough if and when the ice shelf cracks and the global currents are thrown off.) Remember its the last man with the most money wins! Heh Heh!!!!
6. Have arrangements been made in all the major population centers for the mass transportation of dissenters to detention centers following demonstrations, publication of emails to incite dissent, dissent against government.... If so which city is the best organised to handle a 100,000?
Finally if you are looking for a tip on the stock market I would look at kits to build nuclear fall out shelters, radiation protection and anything that generally relates to human disaster. I think there will be a boom in that side of the market.
Love & Light,

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