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Sorry about that guy, I thought you were in Canada. I'll try and answer your 
questions the best that I can. This is the place for Ibogaine info. I found 
out about it here too. Read as much info as you can so you know what to expect. 
For me it was a miracle. I first did opiates in 1973, got on Methadone in 1985 
after two major surgeries, and had been addicted ever since with a couple of 
years of clean time in between. I'm clean now since Sept. 30 when I had the 
Ibogaine treatment. Methadone is very hard to get off of so I had some minor 
withdrawals for about 3 weeks afterwards, but nothing like quitting cold turkey. 
NOTHING like it!!! I detoxed off of Methadone without Ibogaine in 1994 and 
thought I would die before it was over and the withdrawals lasted for 2 months. 
Bad withdrawals. Coming off of Loratabs or another oxycodone, hydrocodone type 
of drug should be easier to do. Benzodiazapams (valium, zanex type drugs) are 
the hardest drugs to deal with with Ibogaine. With some people saying it 
doesn't work and some saying it does. The jury is still out on that one but 
Ibogaine would still help with it a lot, in my opinion. The hallucinations I 
experienced were some of the coolest most life affirming things I have ever 
experienced. It is intense and there is some motion sickness involved among other things 
but well worth the effort that you will put out. And you will put out some 
effort. A good provider will help you through anything that comes up, they know 
what to expect and can talk to you as you are being treated. My provider 
instilled so much confidence in me about the treatment that I never really worried 
about anything except missing the bucket when I yakked. Not everybody throws 
up, but some do, and I was a lucky one who did. HeHe It never frightened me at 
all. My now friend, (provider), told me what to expect and what to do if I did 
get scared, but he was so cool about the whole thing that I never felt scared 
at all. He also had enough confidence about the Ibogaine treatment that he 
left me alone to experience it, but was never more than a few feet away in case 
I needed him. Turns out that I did need him. I had to tell somebody how 
beautiful things were in my head. All in all it was the most positive thing I ever 
did, short of watching my ex-wife go through being pregnant and then having my 
son. It has changed my whole outlook on life. Welcome to the list and I hope 
you stick around and find the information that you need and do the Ibogaine. I 
highly recommend it.         Randy
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