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  I have had 3 people reply to me and I am getting excited. I must have misinformed you I dont live in Canada, I live in the usa. You said in your email that you had the procedure in Septemeber. Where did you do it?Are you clean?  Did you have any Wlthdraw?
Please tell me anything that will help me.
God will bless you for helping people and I intend to.
       Love ,

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Steve, from what I understand Marc Emery, (however you spell his name), isn't able to treat people at this time. He just got out of jail a few months ago over some complete bullshit the Canadian government trumped up for him. Since you live in Canada it might help if you call them or send them a letter to see when they will start treatments again. I was set up to go to his treatment center last year but couldn't ever get my ducks all in a row to get it done. They were concerned that I might have trouble getting across the border from the US because of some old misdemeanor drug charges that I had to cop to. I think the name of his place is The Iboga Therapy House. There should be a link here on the Mindvox home page. If they can't help you, don't give up because things are looking better all the time for people looking for Ibogaine treatment. Look for the provider link on the home page and I think you should get some kind of idea of how prevalent Ibogaine is becoming. I had Ibogaine treatment in September and had a provider there with me. You don't have to do this alone. There are a few risks involved, and if you have an experienced provider with you it will definitely make the whole experience more therapeutic, and you will have a whole lot better chance of getting what you want from the whole thing. Clean in other words.    Randy 
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