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New to this group and really dont have it down yet, so excuse me If I am not at the right place, but hope that I am.
 The reason for my email is  that I have been abusing loratab now for about three years.Recently it has got worse and even though that I have been a addict for majority of three years it is more evident to me now than ever, and I want to beat this. Like just about everybody I am terrified of the actually detox. I have been all over the internet to educate myself on the best and most humane way to accomplish this. I have seen a rapid detox(legitimate one in New York highlighted by dateline). They followed a girl around right b4 her process. She has been a junkie for 3 years she went through it and has not touched herion for 6 months. Then I found info on Ibogaine and I seemed to like that better, for the phscotherpay effects it seems to have. My story is much different than most people. I have drank moderately sometimes a little heavy but have never have had a desire to do any drug. I am 40 years old and started on loratabs when I was 37. I had a surgery had them prescribed but did not immediately fall for them. I dabbled in them months after, but hit me about a year later. The reason that it kind of snuck up on me is that I am very functional addict, at work. I had my best professional year with an income of $350,000 this year. I have to say that I have to give the drug alot of the credit I worked like crazy on  it. I have always been a chronic worrier and sometimes the fear of hearing a no or bad news kept me from trying. This drug dramatically reduced these fears. I am a business dynamo on this drug. But now the effect is not the same I have uped my intake to around 100 mg a day from about 30 mg when I started. I had to be put in the hospital a couple of months ago for a bleeding ulcer stress from work but the doctor said mainly from the drugs eating through my stomach. My liver counts were perfect lucky for me it probably shouldnt be. I actaully read somewhere on the internet  that loratabs are actually better for you than drinking because there is no toxic bodys in the drug. I dont know if that is true or not. Anyway I hope someone can give me some good news on libogaine The readings that I have done seems to suggest that this stuff actually makes youm deal with the real underlining reason for the addiction and also detoxes you and you have either no or very little desire to do the drug for at least a small window of time. That is what I need I feel like if I can break the habit for a month I can handle it from there. If anyone out there has actually done this or knows someone that has write me and let me know yours or theres experience. Any experiences with anesteshia detox that if would b helpful also. Also one last thing if anyone has any info on that guy in Vancouver(pot tv) that is helping people do libogaine at his center and if anyone has actually done this yourself at your home with no supervision. Thanx ps sorry that my message was so long just the first one the rest want be.  Steve 

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Hi all,

I can remember two or three times Detroit was called the murder capital of America.  In one of Detroit's record years for homicide Windsor, Ontario (Canada) had one murder by a handgun.  I don't have the answer, just thought I would mention it.  How you can cross the Detroit River and be in a completly different country with completely different results.

I'll leave this to the professionals to figure out.

  - JIM

Ms Iboga <ms_iboga at yahoo.com> wrote:
The only 'legal' guns in Canada are licensed hunting
rifles (usually in rural areas), and those on the hips
of police officers. Concealed weapons are strictly
not permitted, but it doesn't mean they don't exist. 
There are shootings here too, just not on so massive
of a scale as in the US. I believe this might be a
population/numbers type of thing, coupled with the
fact that personal handguns are NOT legal in urban
areas. If they were- oh god, who knows what would be
going on.

In fact, there have been gruesome, weekly teenage male
stabbings here for months- think swarmings. And one
of the worst serial killers of all time is from the
west coast of Canada- Robert Picton. He murdered and
butchered many dozens of transient, unfortunate women,
and then fed them to his pet pig. Fucking sick

Canada is NOT exempt from violence- we just have fewer
people and fewer guns, that's all.

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