[Ibogaine] (on topic) How was it Julian?

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Sat Jan 1 13:32:29 EST 2005

You are a hundred percent right my friend! The4 fact that most of us have to 
experience this no differently than doing smack or anything else we choose is 
the biggest injustice of all. I did have some visual experience but I will say 
I intend to do it again for I want it to be more intense than it was.

         I will be more specific with you in the near future for I am going 
to the hospital now. I am going to have more of my foot amputated and I need to 
take some blood tests to determine how much of the foot they want. But one 
particular thing stick in my memory. I was lying down on my bed and all of a 
sudden there were these elctric like trails flashing off any and every light 
source. I wanted to create more of them for I thought them beautiful and I got up 
really fast. I fell back in bed and felt like I was being pulled through a 
forest or jungle like atmosphere really fast. I never hit a tree or anything. I 
always seemed to move just right so I could fly through it with ease and speed. 
Then I stopped, I think i closed my eyes and in front of me, where I had 
stopped flying, a whole bunch of hands were building totem poles of mayan culture. 
They would start from the bottom and go up. When it was done, it would go 
away and they would start over. 

         I hope this is enough for now. I am on my way to the hospital. I 
promise I will be in touch soon.


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