[Ibogaine] early Dole/Nyswander paper - Addiction: A positive experience?

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Thanks for posting those links.
I had a read through the pdf and if I am not mistaken it argues that addiction is more a question of nuerological vulnerability rather than a particular personality type.
The way I look on addiction is this:
We take a substance which removes the need to exert ego/emotional control over our inner baggage, problems, as it replaces the bad emotional states those repressed problems exert nuerologically speaking, with good feelings. In other words our defenses come down but we cannot put them back up after the substance has worn off and hence the addiction. Maybe its more a question of the persons overall psychic state prior to taking the substance. This could be termed an addictive personality but I think that is misleading as I imagine we are all capable of such character traits in dealing with the pain of baggage that is opened.
Addiction is a symptom of the need to resolve inner problems imo.
I just came back from Ireland and when I got home after a few days I became aware of my Shadow self and a particular demon I have been avoiding. My urge was to smoke. When I was surrounded by friends the good inner feelings i have started to become accustomed to, due to the healing work I have done with eboga, returned and the urge to smoke practically disappeared.
Another perspective on addiction I would like to consider is this:
1. What lessons has the period of addiction taught?
2. What effect does it have on the soul of the person who fights the addiction?
I think there is a very positive side to addiction worth exploring and one which, as one heals the causes, one can then as part of the healing tap into as giving one the sense that it was not senseless and actually led someone to where their soul wanted them to go.
Love & Light,

HSLotsof at aol.com wrote:
Dear list,

More than twenty years ago when I was performing literature searches on 
ibogaine and opioid and stimulant pharmacology to support proposed ibogaine patents 
I obtained a copy of Heroin Addiction - A Metabolic Disease by Drs. Dole and 
Nyswander, the developers of methadone maintenance therapy. The paper 
remained in my files unvisited for twenty years when I rediscovered it and provided 
it in a brochure presented at the American Association for the Treatment of 
Opioid Dependence (AATOD) conference held in Washington, DC in April 2003 
. Most of the papers except for the 
Dole/Nyswander paper were presented in electronic form on the Dora Weiner Foundation 
web page following the conference. There was no PDF file of the Dole paper 
available and I did not have the knowledge or time to provide such then. It is 
an amazingly original paper and encouraging to any methadone patient who 
might read it and to any ibogaine researcher who wished to be accorded the respect 
in the ibogaine world that Dole was accorded in the methadone world.

All that being said, Heroin Addiction - A Metabolic Disease is available as a 
downloadable PDF file from http://www.doraweiner.org/dole_nyswander_1967.pdf


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