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Snoop Dog and reality-TV star Paris Hilton are endorsing a new weed-flavored candy that is stirring up controversy and generating criticism among New York City politicians. 

Presently found in 43 stores across the Big Apple, CHRONIC CANDY, hemp-rooted lollipops and gumdrops promises that "Every lick is like taking a hit." It's quickly becoming top choice for local costumers with the munchies, while drawing criticism from politicians who feel the candy promotes drug use to the youth. 

"How could we go into the market and create a product for children that encourages them to taste marijuana?" Councilwoman Margarita Lopez (D-Manhattan) exclaimed on WPIX-Channel 11, "What is the message? 'Use drugs', that is okay?" 

While the weed sweets do not contain THC, the ingredient that intoxicates marijuana users, the candy comes in "nickel bags" and "20 sacks" like marijuana. It also provides flavors themed after its countless nicknames including "Chronic" and "Sticky Icky Skunk Buds. 

Unlike the candy's many protesters, Chronic Candy Founder Antonio Montana asserts that the sweets were never intended for kids. 

"Give me a list of what we can do to keep these things out of kids' hands, and I'll do it," Montana, 36, who began importing the candies from Switzerland four years ago, told Daily News. "I don't think kids should be eating them. It's an adult thing." 

Montana also suggested that retailers put an 18-and-older-only tag on the treats, but added that it's to their discretion. 

Queens store owner, David Abramowitz has already enforced an 18-and-older policy and shared that he isn't shocked by the controversy surrounding the candy. 

"Lopez is making all this noise. Look, I'm not out to corrupt kids," Abramowitz, 62, claimed to Daily News. "It's just for kicks." 

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