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Go Hannah.  I can really relate to all the music you listed.  Brilliant. 
Hope things get better for you and wish you lots of best wishes.  Allison 
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still ot, but right on Hannah, yer musical tastes are just about perfect.
and yeah, breakups suck.
Peace and love,
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Hi all!
Take my advice n listen to lotsa Sex Pistols n get rip roarin drunk! Or am
I showing my immaturity? Or Britishness? All I know is I'm still trying to
get oevr being dumped for soemone else after 3yrs. Its been 3 months now.
I reckon once he moves his stuff out this weekend I'll just have to stay
well away from him. My bank balance says I have £200 but won't let me have
any and its Friday night, how craps that?! I dunno why I'm writing this. I
read all your posts with love and they cheer me up and strengthen me but I
feel just so bloody....human? next to you all. My world is so tiny. I've
been doing the brown and the rock, I love snowballs, but now I have just
have vodka and Sid to help me. I'm sorry. Dya think Shrooms can be used in
any way like Ibo? I have access to them! Any advice on growing em would be
greatly appreciated too.
I feel very small.
Keep tellin myself that ain't nesseccarily a bad fing!
Love and saorry for babbling bollox. I'm on a self-destruct streak!
Love Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I love Violent Femmes, Blister in the sun-that cheers me up.
And ofcourse Jimi hendrix, Davidi Bowie in his Z.Stardust faze, erm...New
Model army n Levellers but I guess they're british. Now listening to '12
days of christmas punk' by Sex pistols-werhay.
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