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With all the du respect ....
I know that detachment is viewed by some scientist as a virtue, but I think Peter should addict himself to opium like Professor Tran Khuong Dan, then feel the effect of addiction and withdraw then ultimately invent his own cure and share the knowledge with the world 

Just an idea :-)
God Bless

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  Peter, I must respectfully disagree with you about Ibogaine having a placebo effect. I have been through just about every withdrawal method there is, and I have to say that Ibogaine helped out in a big way. I'd do it for the introspection that it gave me anyway, even if it didn't work for withdrawal, but it does. Or it did for me. It was well worth the effort. I never tried the scuba method, but I tried sex, alcohol, benzo's, nothing, everything, hospitals, bars, home, hotel rooms, they all sucked while withdrawing way more than what I did with Ibogaine. I never felt well enough afterwards to stop for very long. I had to work to keep going. I had to use to keep going to work. It was a vicious circle. Call it what you will, but Ibogaine has given me freedom, I don't have to spend all my money on dope anymore.       Randy 
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