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ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Thu Feb 24 02:08:00 EST 2005

hi matt
sorry to you and lee. i just don´t know how science can help  
spirituality. i don´t think its necessary for everyone to examin their  
past, since problems occcuring now can only be solved right now. also  
your past never ends, its kind of fiction anyway. trying to get all  
past issues solved is like drying out a river by scooping water out of  
it. thats just my opinion.
fondest regards ekki

Am 24.02.2005 um 01:38 schrieb matthew zielinski:

> Hi
> Tell me whats funny about finding your way in this bewildred universe  
> by resolving your past...Do you not think that the MAJOR problems that  
> one has to deal with began as a small puerile nothing....i think  
> coming to grips with your past ie anylazying why we did this --why we  
> didnt do that etc is only going to make you a better human being, one  
> who is in totall balance with the univere/self...What i think is funny  
> is puting a label on it calling it this and that ..it is what it is  
> .....no offense man but real change can only occur while reworking  
> your past(especially if you know you erred but are  
> guilty/ashamed/scared to admit it) ----how will you know not to repeat  
> those same mistakes again if you havent learned/examind them/
> Warmest Regards
> Love----Matt---
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> [Ibogaine] technical questions Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 20:03:35 +0100  
> lee, what you describe sounds just like scientology (no offense, i  
> just think it´s funny): reworking of past traumas, combination of  
> science and spirituality. then becoming 'clear' and 'OT'. Am  
> 23.02.2005 um 12:21 schrieb Lee Albert: >LMAO >What I mean on my web  
> site is that my search for a way home is ended >because after trying  
> everything from: >1. Catholicism/Christianity/Seminary >2. Primal  
> therapy >3. Rebirthing etc >4. Counselling >5. Endless travelling >6.  
> Reading >7. Isolation >8. Vegetarianism >...... >I finally found a way  
> to enter my deepest self, examine my past, >transform it and come out  
> changed and forward moving via eboga. >I use the terms seek, transform  
> and expand somewhat cheek in tongue >:-). What I am saying is that for  
> me I have had to rebuild my inner >and outer world by working through  
> all the developmental traumas >that have warped my ability to relate  
> in all sorts of ways. This >takes time but I find it a worthwhile  
> exercise as I grow deeper in >myself, my relationship to life and  
> friends and my understanding of >spirituality. Fortunately, I moved  
> beyond the scientific position >and had the humilty to reexamine much  
> which is dismissed by science >- spirituality. I do this  
> scientifically. You could say I practise >spiritual science. >My  
> search for a way has ended but the journey is not over! >Lee > >ekki  
> <ekkijdfg at gmx.de> wrote: >lee, your name makes me think of agent lee  
> transmitting communiques > from interzone.those signals grow more  
> faint while doctor > benway gains more power and eddie the sponge  
> tunes in to the >signal.... > >i wonder if your tolerance stays the  
> same all the time so that 6mg >is >always the best dose for you? >the  
> other thing that wonders me is that you write on your page that > your  
> search is complete like you´ve been led home already. for >what >  
> purpose do you maintain a "ongoing program of "seek, transform and >  
> expand."" ? >fondest regards ekki >
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