[Ibogaine] Fw: Things of possible interest.

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Tue Feb 22 19:57:34 EST 2005

It was so good to put faces to names- especially with Martee, as it turned 
out I've met Martee already but hadn't put the name to a face for some 
reason while reading her posts here.
    Martee, you and everyone rocked my weekend. I was very sorry I couldn't 
bring myself to get up to midtown yesterday (and felt kinda weird, as I know 
many traveled many more miles than I had to go to reach COSM), but that's 
how pain drives my life sometimes.
    Anyway, again, it was very nice to put names to faces and touch flesh 
and share a smoke and all the other things that may have taken place this 
    You all give me hope, as I know that with this sort of enthusiasm and 
sheer chutzpa, we might very well win this stinkin' war in the end- it's 
going to take a while, and I've always thought the war winnable, but it's 
nice to get reconfirmation of those hopes and desires. Thank you all for 
being you and doing what you are doing, whether clean, dirty, using or not, 
you all are the best of humanity in my mind, and I love you.
    (Yeah, I know, sticky as hell, but I mean it.)

Peace and love,

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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>   My brother who has been meditating for 40 years or so sent this to me. 
> I thought it may be of interest to some as there is a scheduled event 
> today.
>    For beginners and others he(brother) also offers a website to get 
> started.
>      http://www.shambhudance.com
>  Martee
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> 9:11 PM
> Subject: Things of possible interest.
>> I've worked with this woman a couple of times during the last year. 
>> She's the genuine item and I can unequivocally say that I've benefited 
>> immensely from her workshops and consultations.
>>    Sigm.
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>> Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 6:58 PM
>> Subject: [Messenger] Meetings and Chat workshops Schedule.
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>>>     Last year I started offering Chat classes and workshops in my 
>>> chatroom. Feedback and attendance at the chats was excellent, so I will 
>>> be continuing as an ongoing series.
>>>   $50.usd donation requested and appreciated, but not required for 
>>> attendance. (Those who donate make it worth my time, and those who come 
>>> for free round out the numbers so we have a good size class. )
>>> Donations: http://kundalini-teacher.com/donations.html
>>> Chatroom: http://fire-serpent.org/chat/phpMyChat.php3
>>> Register a username and password to get in, and wait in the main room. I 
>>> will create a special room for the event and invite you to join.
>>>    Tues Feb 22, 6pm  PST.  Chat Workshop: A Trip to the Void.
>>>   The Void is classically defined in Western and Eastern Mysticism as 
>>> "The infinite nothingness from which all things spring."  It is a higher 
>>> vibration of nonduality, a place of emptiness, yet consciousness... 
>>> reverence and power.
>>>    Attainment gives specific spiritual gifts that manifest as a subtle 
>>> but definite change in physical perceptions.  Nothing will ever be truly 
>>> dark to you again... We will travel to The Void together, but we will 
>>> each be alone when we get there... such is the nature of non-duality... 
>>> you are always alone in The Void. No time, no space, no"other".  If you 
>>> astral travel to some place and it has critters.. it is not the Void.
>>     Mon Feb 28, 6pm  PST.  Discernment, and the Heart Voice.
>>>   Some Fire Serpent Tantra students have reported having some difficulty 
>>> with lesson # 13, Opening The Heart Chakra. I have decided to host a 
>>> chat on the topic, and on the related subject of discernment. The body's 
>>> built in truth detector and navigation system. Participants will get 
>>> heart chakra and entity clearing, to clear the way so the "still small 
>>> voice within" may speak. The inner Guru.
>>>   Non FST members may attend, I suggest you read these pages first:
>>> http://www.fire-serpent.com/1grnd.html
>>> http://kundalini-teacher.com/guidance/heart.html
>>> http://kundalini-teacher.com/guidance/discern.html
>>>   Tues March 4.  6pm  PST.  Chat Workshop: Karma Clearing 101.
>>>   Learning to surrender your karma and emotional junk is empowering. It 
>>> makes the Kundalini process smoother, and it is really easy once you get 
>>> the hang of it. We will explore several methods of surrender: including 
>>> active surrender and passive surrender.
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