[Ibogaine] Drug Addiction & Sexual Abuse

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Sat Feb 19 14:10:03 EST 2005

"enjoy" isn't exactly the term I'd use- not feeling like I'm living a meager 
existance and "not feeling like I'm destroying myself by using opiate-based 
pain medications that are not all that much different than heroin itself" 
are more like it.
    The one substance that leaves me feeling like a junkie through and 
through still are my CIGARETTES. Totally legal too, and yet, here I am, 
feeling like a junkie. Egad.

Peace and love,
Preston Peet

"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
mistaken for madness"
Richard Davenport-Hines

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From: matthew zielinski
To: ibogaine at mindvox.com
Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2005 12:52 PM
Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Drug Addiction & Sexual Abuse

No doubt truth is subjective..what is right for one may not nececerily be 
right for others...ofcourse if you say you still enjoy junk while being 
physicaly addicted to it i cannot say otherwise--you know the best ....it 
just that it seems diffuclt for me to comprehend it ..-----l might of been 
to hasty in saying "no way" others will enyoy it--you right :}

>From: "Preston Peet" <ptpeet at nyc.rr.com> >Reply-To: ibogaine at mindvox.com 
> >To: <ibogaine at mindvox.com> >Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Drug Addiction & 
>Sexual Abuse >Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 12:32:12 -0500 > >>Even if you had all 
>the money in the world when it comes to junk >>its not a kick its a way of 
>life.....Knowing you have to put >>something in your body just to function 
>normally cannot be >>bliss....maybe in a short run but in the long run--no 
>way....< > >I can't speak for you, but for me, at this point in time, I 
>strongly >disagree with you and it ain't in philosophical terms either. For 
> >me, and I assume I'm not alone in this, I am astounded that it isn't >as 
>clear for others as it is for me- and I put myself through the 
> >sterotypical worst that addictive lifestyles entail- just about >every 
>stinkin' junkie sterotype I fit into at one point or another, >every single 
>one EXCEPT the violent psycho one- and even that I came >close to once or 
>twice in my worst stages. > How can you be so sure that what is true for 
>you about junk is >also true for me and for others? >Peace and love, 
> >Preston > >"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment 
>is >often mistaken for madness" >Richard Davenport-Hines > 
> >ptpeet at nyc.rr.com >Editor http://www.drugwar.com >Editor "Under the 
>Influence- the Disinformation Guide to Drugs" >Editor "Undergound- The 
>Disinformation Guide to Ancient >Civilizations, Astonishing Archeology and 
>Hidden History" (due out >Sept. 2005) >Cont. High Times mag/.com >Cont. 
>Editor http://www.disinfo.com >Columnist New York Waste >Etc. > >-----  
>Original Message ----- From: matthew zielinski >To: ibogaine at mindvox.com 
> >Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2005 10:57 AM >Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Drug 
>Addiction & Sexual Abuse > > > > > >Hi >Even if you had all the money in 
>the world when it comes to junk its >not a kick its a way of 
>life.....Knowing you have to put something >in your body just to function 
>normally cannot be bliss....maybe in a >short run but in the long run--no 
>way.... >Best regards >matt > > > > >>From: "Brad Fisher" 
><brad.fisher at guaranty.com> >Reply-To: >>ibogaine at mindvox.com >To: 
><ibogaine at mindvox.com> >Subject: Re: >>[Ibogaine] Drug Addiction & Sexual 
>Abuse >Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 >>16:17:01 -0800 > >Preston, you said the 
>Whole Story, the reason a >>junkie's life is >HELL is becauseof legislation 
>determining the >>illegality, and the >fact that we intimidated all other 
>countries >>to change their laws to >mimic the United States. Certainly we 
> >>would have some overdoses, and >certainly all would not be idyllic >>with 
>legal oiates, however Hell >is because of what we go thru to >>keep a job, 
>a habit, a secret, and >then what society and law >>enforcement does to us 
>because of our >use....!. > > > > >Brad >>Fisher >Your Wheel Estate 
>Specialist >Guaranty RV >> >brad.fisher at guaranty.com >541-912-3215 
> >800-283-9163 ext.3053 >> >----- Original Message ----- From: "Preston 
>Peet" >> ><ptpeet at nyc.rr.com> >To: <ibogaine at mindvox.com> >Sent: Friday, 
> >>February 18, 2005 2:44 PM >Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Drug Addiction & 
> >>Sexual Abuse > > >> >Wow i never heard that before....every junkie >>i 
>know including >>the one i >use to be was in hell and only >>digging deeper 
>by the >>hour...the only >relief comes when you ahve >>the dope in your 
>hand >>and finally shoot up >only to realize that >>you only prolonged your 
> >>meager existence by a few >lauzy hours >>before that demon starts to 
> >>whine and plead for the next >> >shot----i dont see any fun or 
> >>excitment in this --or other >>drugs such as >rock/meth/blow etc --< >> 
> >>if drugs were legal, so >>many of those consequences, the resulting 
> >>hell, would not exist >>for a user. I know what I'm talking about, 
> >>please believe me. I >>do know what I'm talking about. I can assure >>you 
>that if you took >>away the running the streets, the sneaking and 
> >>coniving, the need >>to do anything to obtain a smidgen of the drug, >>it 
>wouldn't be >>always bad. It just wouldn't be. >> >>The key, the proof to 
>this is >>so obvious: Otherwise, "they" would >>not be prescribing opiates 
> >>for pain if all use was going to be bad, >>and having said that, as >>a 
>chronic pain patient I do not have a >>"meager existance." I've >>taken 
>steps to make sure my existance is >>not meager by >>participating in my 
>existance regardless of whether I >>need >>opiates to do it comfortably 
>enough or not. >>Peace and love, >> >>Preston >> >>"Madness is not 
>enlightenment, but the search for >>enlightenment is >>often mistaken for 
>madness" >>Richard >>Davenport-Hines >> >>ptpeet at nyc.rr.com >>Editor 
> >>http://www.drugwar.com >>Editor "Under the Influence- the 
> >>Disinformation Guide to Drugs" >>Editor "Undergound- The >>Disinformation 
>Guide to Ancient >>Civilizations, Astonishing >>Archeology and Hidden 
>History" (due out >>Sept. 2005) >>Cont. High >>Times mag/.com >>Cont. 
>Editor http://www.disinfo.com >>Columnist >>New York Waste >>Etc. >> 
> >>----- Original Message ----- From: >>matthew zielinski >>To: 
>ibogaine at mindvox.com >>Sent: Friday, >>February 18, 2005 5:18 PM >>Subject: 
>Re: [Ibogaine] Drug Addiction >>& Sexual Abuse >> >> >>(but drug use 
> >certainly is NOT always >>sucky- as a matter of fact >>I'd be willing to 
> >bet TONS of money >>that most drug use is fun with >>little to no >> 
> >negative >>consequences at all), they are different as day and >>night, > 
> >> >>Wow i never heard that before....every junkie i know including >>the 
> >>one i use to be was in hell and only digging deeper by the >> 
> >>hour...the only relief comes when you ahve the dope in your hand >> >>and 
>finally shoot up only to realize that you only prolonged >>your >>meager 
>existence by a few lauzy hours before that demon >>starts to >>whine and 
>plead for the next shot----i dont see any fun >>or >>excitment in this --or 
>other drugs such as rock/meth/blow etc >>-- >>Drug addiction can very well 
>be compared to sexual abuse. Both >> >>have suffered extremely although in 
>different ways ie the drug >>user >>by abondoing his soul/familly/self etc 
>the victim of sexual >>abuse >>in loosing faith in others/in his own worth 
>etc. However to >>know >>what the other person feels like you have to 
>experience it >>your >>self. that said it is only feasible tht a victim of 
>sexual >>abuse >>cannot fathom the pain in a drug addict but both tread on 
> >>the same >>path--the only solution and by no means simple is to >>look 
>back and >>resolve it >>Regards >>matt >> >> >> >> >>>From: >>"Preston 
>Peet" <ptpeet at nyc.rr.com> >Reply-To: >> >>>ibogaine at mindvox.com >>> >To: 
><ibogaine at mindvox.com> >Subject: >>Re: [Ibogaine] Drug >>>Addiction & 
> >>>Sexual Abuse >Date: Fri, 18 >>Feb 2005 15:29:37 -0500 > >>Also, I 
> >>>would add that peoples >>prejudice towards drug addiction >>based on 
> >>>illegal drugs is due >>to what they see in the streets and >>the 
> >>>resultant crime due to >>the need to pay for the fix. Its >>> 
> >>straightforward human >>nature. Not rocket science.< > >On the 
> >>>Streets, or on COPS? >On >>the streets or in articles that accuse 
> >>>drug users of some >> >horrific behavior or other? >On the streets or 
> >>>in >>books/magazines/radio/films/television >propaganda (as you >> 
> >>>allude to in your first paragraph Lee)? >How much drug crime do >>I 
> >>>myself really encounter personally, how >much do I see face to >> 
> >>>face, and how much is described to me, or >shown to me by >>others >>>in 
>whose interest it is to portray drug users >in the >>very worst >>>light? 
> >Here's an example of the "drug crime" we're >>"shown" and >>>why I think 
> >we're shown such "criminal" figures: >> >----- > >>> 
> >http://www.drugwar.com/ptreatjail.shtm > >excerpted >>from >>>Treatment or 
>Jail- is this Really a Choice? >by Preston >>Peet >>>(published in 
>"Everything You Know is Wrong- the >> >Disinformation >>>Guide to Secrets 
>and Lies") > >snip- > >With >>the new push for drug >>>treatment, there 
>comes a lucrative new >> >business and means of >>>control that can be 
>instituted without >>giving >up the profits >>>currently pulled in by the 
>War on Some >>Drugs >>> >industries. When announcing his resignation as 
>head of >>the White >>> >House >>>Office of National Drug Control Policy 
> >>(ONDCP), then-US Drug >Czar >>>Gen. Barry McCaffrey bemoaned the >>use of 
>war terminology in the >>> >fight against drug use, saying >>that perhaps 
>when discussing the >>> >situation in the Andes, "war" >>is an apt term, 
>but not when >>> >discussing efforts in US cities. >>This might seem an odd 
>stance >>>for >such a stalwart proponent of >>US military and law 
>enforcement >>> >involvement in waging the War >>on Some Drugs, but 
>McCaffrey >>>"agreed" >on July 24, 2001, to join >>the board of directors 
>at >>>DrugAbuse >>> >Sciences Inc., "the >>world's first pharmaceutical 
>company >>>worldwide >devoted solely >>to developing medications for the 
> >>>treatment of >addiction."[9] >>McCaffrey's newfound love of >>>treatment 
>is now >explained. > > >>"DrugAbuse Sciences has the >>>potential to make a 
>historic >>difference > >in >>>the health of Americans through its 
> >>understanding of treatment >>> >and its broad portfolio of new 
> >>medications under development," >>> >asserted the retired general. 
> >>"They have created a company >>> >consisting of the leading medical 
> >>researchers, clinicians and >>>most >exciting new product >>candidates. 
>This combination offers the >>>promise >of developing >>highly effective 
>medical treatment options >>>for >addictions. >>Addiction is a disease that 
>costs our country >>>over >100,000 >>lives and over $250 billion per 
>year."[10] Which is >>>odd, as >> >McCaffrey said only the year before, in 
>July 2000: "Each >>>year >>52,000 >Americans die from drug-related causes. 
>The >>>additional >>societal >>> >costs of drug use to the nation total 
>over $110 >>billion per >>> >year."[11] > > Spouting spurious numbers to 
> >>promote and justify >>>repressive (and >profitable) anti-drug >>policies 
>has been a >>>favorite ploy of > >prohibitionist >>>Drug >>Warriors since 
>President Nixon first uttered his >declaration >>>of >>a War on Drugs in 
>1968. As related by author Dan >Baum, by >>>1972, >>"The conservative 
>Hudson Institute estimated that New >York >> >>>City's 250,000 heroin 
>addicts were responsible for a whopping >> >>> >$1.7 billion in crime, 
>which was well more than the total >>amount >>>of >crime in the NATION. 
>'Narcotics addiction and crime >>are >>>inseparable >companions,' said 
>presidential candidate George >> >>>McGovern in a speech >on the Senate 
>floor. 'In 98 percent of >>the >>>cases [the junkie] steals >to pay the 
>pusher...that >>translates >>>into about $4.4 billion in >crime.' Senator 
>Charles >>Percy of >>>Illinois saw McGovern's bid and >raised him. 'The 
>total >>cost of >>>drug-related crime in the US today is >around $10 
> >>billion to $15 >>>billion,' he said. > > "In fact, only $1.28 >>billion 
>worth of >>>property was stolen in >>> >the US in 1972, >>(the figure had 
>actually fallen slightly from >>>the >previous >>year). That includes 
>everything except cars, which >>>junkies > >> >don't >>>usually steal 
>because they can't easily fence them, and >> >>> >embezzlement, which isn't 
>a junkie crime. The combined value >>of >>> >everything swiped in 
>burglaries, robberies, and muggings, >> >>>everything >shoplifted, filched 
>off the back of a truck, or >> >>>boosted from a >warehouse was $1.28 
>billion. Yet during the >>heroin >>>panic of Nixon's >War on Drugs, junkies 
>would be blamed >>for >>>stealing as much as >fifteen times the value of 
>everything >>stolen >>>in the United >States."[12] As the original 
>fallacious >>numbers >>>bandied about by >prohibitionists convinced the 
>nation >>to support >>>mass-jailing of >>> >druggies, so too do they steer 
> >>us toward coerced treatment >>>today. > > >snip- >>> > >9. >>DrugAbuse 
>Sciences, Inc. Press release. 24 July 2001 >>> >> 
> ><www.drugabusesciences.com/Articles.asp?entry=123> > >10. Ibid. >> >>> > 
> >11. >>>McCaffrey, Barry. Letter to Los Angeles Times 14 >>July 2000. > 
> >12. >>>Baum, Dan. Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs >>and the Politics 
> >>> >of Failure. New York: Little, Brown and >>Company, 1996: 69-70. >>> 
> >snip- >----- > >>Yet, how many on this >>list know enough about >>>the 
>effects of sexual >>abuse to pass >>judgment that there is >>>nothing in 
>common or that it >>is outside >>the comprehension of a >>>victim of sexual 
>abuse to >>comprehend >>the experience of an >>>addict?< > >I feel such a 
>contrary guy >>lately- and I apologize for >>>grating on >anyone's nerves 
>but I'm >>feeling outspoken- but I'm not >>>sure I agree >entirely here 
> >>either Lee. I can sympathize with >>>victims of any crime >>> >or 
> >>assault, but can't really "know" what they're going through >>>or >> 
> >have >>>gone through without experiencing it. Having been >>assaulted in 
> >>> >jail (and having gone through a couple of other >>not-so-nice >>> 
> >experiences of a sexual nature over time), I can >>honestly say I >>> 
> >don't see much similarity whatsoever between >>sexual abuse and >>>drug 
> >use. So while yes, they can both be sucky >>as heck (but drug >>>use 
> >certainly is NOT always sucky- as a >>matter of fact I'd be >>>willing to 
> >bet TONS of money that most >>drug use is fun with >>>little to no 
> >negative consequences at >>all), they are different as >>>day and night, 
> >to me- in most ways. >>The ONLY way I relate them >>>myself is that I am 
> >>> >not quite so >>open about having been sexually assaulted in most 
> >>>civil >> >company, nor would I discuss my shooting up drugs days in 
> >>>most >>civil >company either. Yes, both are descriminated against in >> 
> >>>many ways, >but >I'm >>>not entirely sure it's the same sort of 
> >>things. Similar I >>> >suppose, but not the same. In my mind, the >>only 
>one I really >>>know. > >>When we start to see our commonality >>across the 
>board >>>(and look >>outside our politically correct >>box) in all areas of 
> >>>discrimination >>(including addicts towards >>non-addicts) and 
> >>>suffering maybe there >>will be a better chance >>to do something >>>for 
>everyone involved.< > >As I'm often fond of >>saying, I myself >>>do not 
>descriminate against >anyone for NOT >>taking drugs, so I >>>expect the 
>same consideration from >them for >>any drug use or even >>>abuse I may 
>have ever engaged in in my >> >years. But I am not sure I >>>see the 
>equation quite as clearly >>here as >you Lee. > > >Peace and >>>love, 
> >Preston > >"Madness is >>not enlightenment, but the search >>>for 
>enlightenment is >often >>mistaken for madness" >Richard >>>Davenport-Hines 
> > > >----- >>Original Message ----- From: Lee Albert >>> >To: Ibogaine List 
> >> >Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 6:29 AM >>> >Subject: [Ibogaine] >>Drug 
>Addiction & Sexual Abuse > > >Dear >>>List, > >If >I >>>were >>to draw a 
>parallel between sexually abused people and drug >>> >> >addiction it is 
>this: > >Both are broken down by their >> >>>experiences to the point where 
>they >see themselves as a piece >>of >>>shit. In this state it is ludicrous 
>to >>> >talk about >>standing up for one rights in the face of endless >>> 
> >propaganda >> >>>which preaches that the addiction condition is a 
> >reflection of >> >>>the worthlessness of the individual or that the 
> >sexually >>abused >>>in reality asked for it (rape for instance). (Not to 
> >> >mention just >>>trying to get through the day.) Why? Because in >>this 
> >state of >>>mind one tends to somewhere agree with the >>propaganda and 
> >it is >>>dam difficult to argue against that in >>public when at some 
> >level >>>you believe it yourself unless you >>are in some kind of process 
> >of >>>healing. (Apart from that just >>getting through the day is hard >>> 
> >enough. The idea of >>politically active addicts is bordering on a >>> 
> >luxury condition >>for most addicts I would imagine.) > >>> >Also, I would 
>add that >>peoples prejudice towards drug addiction >>> >based >on 
> >>>illegal >>drugs is due to what they see in the streets and >the 
> >>>resultant >>crime due to the need to pay for the fix. Its >>> 
> >straightforward >>human nature. Not rocket science. > >What I find >>>sad 
>& >>discriminatory in a way with the discussion of >drug >>>addiction >>on 
>this list is the lack of awareness of the >>> >similarities >>between what 
>the addict suffers and what others >>>such as >the >>sexually abused have 
>suffered. Its a somewhat insular >>>viewpoint, >> >i.e., the idea that if 
>you have never been a drug >>>addict you >>cannot >make an important 
>contribution based on your >>>own, >>albeit, other >>> >experiences. Its 
>closed thinking. I find it >>quite possible to >>> >perceive >>>what 
>addicts have been through, >>and are going through, >based on >>>my own 
>experiences which left >>me feeling suicidal from time >to >>>time and on 
>my own without >>anyone in the world to care for me. >>> >Yet, as I am not 
>a member >>of the addict club in many ways my >>>views >are not so 
>relevant. >>That kind of narrow mindedness will >>>get the >drug addiction 
> >>community nowhere fast. > >I think as long >>>as "drug addicts" put 
> >>themselves on a separate >pedestal to the >>>rest of us they will >>lack 
>the collective support >they need to >>>advance their >>position. It cannot 
>be fought along the >lines of: I >>>am an >>addict and I'll tell you how it 
>is but you don't >tell me >> >>>anything because you know jack shit! So if 
>you are going to >> >help >>>me do as I say, not as I do. > >I have spent 6 
>months >>reading this >>>list and learning little by >little the issues and 
> >>the problems >>>surrounding drug addiction. What >has kept me >>hooked 
>(in part) is >>>the empathy I feel for the genuine >> >suffering I can 
>identify with >>>on this list. Yet, how many on >>this >list know enough 
>about the >>>effects of sexual abuse to pass >>judgement >that there is 
>nothing >>>in common or that it is outside >>the >comprehension of a victim 
>of >>>sexual abuse to comprehend the >> >experience of an addict? (Indeed I 
> >>>am only taking one example >>- >there are others, victims of 
> >>>war,...). If you need proof of >>what I >am saying maybe I can sit 
> >>>down and write about a day in >>the life of >an addict beginning 
> >>>with: Woke up this morning >>feeling like shit. I >can't get out of 
> >>>bed as it hurts to be >>awake but I have no choice.. >Oh, sorry, for 
> >>>a second I thought >>I was reminiscing. > >When we start to see our 
> >>>commonality >>across the board (and look >outside our politically 
> >>>correct box) >>in all areas of discrimination >(including addicts 
> >>>towards >>non-addicts) and suffering maybe there >will be a better 
> >>>chance >>to do something for everyone involved. > >Lee > > > > >>> 
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