[Ibogaine] history of addiction further to Peter Cohen

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Thu Feb 17 14:36:00 EST 2005

Nick, dude, I have to say something here. You ever hear of Wounded Knee. 
Native Americans have been getting fucked ever since we came here. I don't think 
that they are really treated any better now then they were then. Seems like 
Native Americans have quietly gathered forces on their own and put effort into 
getting gambling and other things on the reservation. (I hate that word, why 
call something that was theirs in the first place a reservation) I hope they get 
every dime they have coming to them. TWICE. Anyway, what you are talking about 
would be great but, Gays, Non whites, wise asses, whatever, are in the work 
force and some of them are influential. Not many addicts can even admit they 
are addicted and keep the job they have. How in the hell is anyone supposed to 
rally forces when they can't even keep a job to pay bills with? We live on the 
edge of society cause nobody wants to deal with us. It hits too close to home 
and everyone else's habits. Better to just shun us and keep us down. Does 
society really want to take an honest look at addiction and see all the skeletons 
in just about every family? Not just NO, but, FUCK NO.    Randy
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