[Ibogaine] Don't be disheartened(no reason)

Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Wed Feb 16 17:18:16 EST 2005

I agree with Julie.I am also doing well as far as being clean goes.
Even with things around me seeming to fall apart,losing my car,
not much work coming in and plenty of other sh*t I am still

I cannot see how the success rate could only be 15%,..that
would be very disheartening to read indeed.I am not an expert
like some others on the list however I would think it would be
at least 65%.

If I can stay straight through all the crap that has happened
after being addicted for over 20 years with Ibogaine,if Randy
can do it after over 20 years and others on the list then you
can do it Donna. Ther is no reason to be disheartened,the hope
you saw is still there,..probably more than you know.

It's that good.


> Francis and Donna,
> I would say the success rate with Ibo for people WHO
> LIPSERVICE TO FAMILY/FRIENDS would be around 65-100%.
> I don't know about anyone else, but for me secondary
> withdrawal symptoms were a killer, with depression
> ranking as the #1 reason why I would relapse.
> I didn't get the depression post-Ibo, and this is why
> I think I'm still clean.  Ibo didn't take away all the
> symptoms of acute withdrawal, not even close.  And the
> insomnia really gets to you after a while.  But still,
> it's the best detox aid I've ever found...
> Julie
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