[Ibogaine] Drug rehab: is it just another addiction?

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     If you are on H only, have you ever considered just doing 3-4 days of methedone to get over your jones.  It was something I commonly did during all my years, however I was not mentally ready to really stop so I always used again. You have stated that you feel mentally you are ready.  The way it works is in 3 days you are not yet addicted to the methedone and then you have a few days after that where the accumulation of the 3 days of meth will hold you still.  The worst of the H kick is usually 3 days or a little more.   By day 4 or 5 I was always fine as fine can be physically.  I know there may be some personal variables here for you re: amt and quality of what you're using, your personal metabolism, etc.etc.  But I've wondered why if you are definitly not doing the ibogaine(too bad) is this protocol not a commonly known thing?  Just a thought.
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  HI Francis

  I dont know if I class as a scholar of addiction, but I have been addicted to Heroin for many years, the best way to help me would be to find the easiest most painless way to get off heroin without becoming an addicted to another drug, I am desparate to come off and I have a supply of subutex but the thing thats stopping me is I then have to come off that ( which for me personally was horrendous last time)  So for me access to ibogaine and provider hope this answers your question.
  Take care
  Love Donna
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