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> Preston,
>       I'd be a little suprised if the owner who's license she was serving 
> under did not get a ticket as well.   I used to bartend in nyc in the mid 
> 80's although a little different situation as it was after hours.  So I got 
> plenty of tickets and even got taken in to central booking a few times to go 
> to court which always took anywhere from 2-6 days. Wouldn't have been a big 
> deal if it wasn't for the withdrawls.   The owner always paid for the lawyer 
> and the fines.    I know this is a different scenario, however as upscale as 
> this club sounds the owner you can bet has a lawyer on retainer and the 
> unspoken understanding was that security would check id's.  I know 
> technically the bartender is responsible. A good lawyer could get the whole 
> thing either thrown out or dismiss the charges or waive the fine.  The 
> record stands.  If it is a first offense ever usually if there are no 
> problems for six months they will seal the record.  This may or may not 
> still be the case.  I haven't had any recent legal problems so I don't know 
> for sure.
>      Personally If I was V, I would go to the owner and have a conversation 
> that brings up their lawyer(s) and the business handling this from the 
> financial aspect. In a nice naive kind of way. Sounds like they weren't 
> forthcoming with their payola as it's not an election year which is when we 
> used to get hit hard. This stinks of something other than randomly checking 
> clubs.
>                                                 You have my sympathy,
>                                                                   Martee
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> Subject: [Ibogaine] (OT) prohibition related stuff
> > Hi all and top of the morning to you.
> >    As most of you are probably already aware, my girlfriend V is a dj, a 
> > cat lady, an actress, an artist, and a legal hard drug deale...I mean, 
> > bartender, among some of her many pursuits.
> >    She tends bar at one of the swankier nightclubs in Manhattan, known for 
> > it's high cover, high priced drinks, and celebrity-infused crowd. She had 
> > to work last night, going in at 9:30PM. While setting up her bar, just 
> > after 10, she saw very few customers, but did serve a few the first 
> > halfhour behind the bar.
> >    Then the head manager walks up to her bar and asks V is she has her ID 
> > with her.
> >    "Yes, why?"
> >    "Grab it and come to the office." He said before walking away.
> >    She grabbed it and headed to the office, where she discovered two 
> > undercover NYPD officers waiting for her.
> >    Apparently, she served an underaged, more importantly, FAKE customer. 
> > She doesn't know who it was, thinking perhaps it was one young lady but 
> > really doesn't have a clue, not having been paying attention.
> >    Now, the thing is, V works in a very upscale nightclub with top-notch 
> > security, one of those places where the security force (yes, a force for 
> > all intents and purposes) wears tuxes and those nifty inside the ear 
> > radios. They check IDs at the door, so she isn't supposed to have to worry 
> > about that sort of thing. Plus, she nor I have health insurance, making 
> > just too much money to qualify for most public assistance were we so 
> > inclinded and not enough to really cover much more than we already are. 
> > Yet, our taxes are going to things like, say, paying the NYPD to hire 
> > underage (or are they kids who got in trouble and now work as snitches? Do 
> > the police do that sort of thing in real life still?) kids to go into bars 
> > and nightclubs, pose as customers and attempt to buy alcohol, so the cops 
> > can then bust the bartender (and the bar) for the sale and then make some 
> > money in court.
> >    Which is what's going to happen as near as we can tell at this early 
> > date. One of the cops took her ID, wrote her a ticket, then handed her the 
> > ticket while uttering the most sincere "I'm sorry" ever uttered I'm sure 
> > (that jerk). To make it even worse, it's not a fine that she can just pay, 
> > it's a ticket for a court appearance in March. So the city is going to 
> > spend even more of our tax money on a hearing over her ticket, then will 
> > fine her some few hundreds of bucks (we hope that's the extent of this, 
> > that she won't have to do anything else on top of that).
> >    To say I'm livid about this is an understatement. What in the world is 
> > this sort of thing solving or helping or doing to better our society? What 
> > in the world are people thinking to stoop to such petty stupidity as this?
> >    To top it off, half an hour later V is asleep, worn out from a night of 
> > stressing out checking every single customers' ID, as the management then 
> > told the entire staff that every single customer from that point on had to 
> > be checked before being served, something they don't normally have to do 
> > due to having a door staff that is supposed to be doing it for them before 
> > the customers even get in the door due to it being a "21 and over" 
> > nightbluc anyway. I'm sitting in my quiet room, writing in my journal and 
> > listening to my walkman, doing my morning waking up ritual. I reach out 
> > and pick up my fully loaded (I'm not out, making this all even more 
> > depression, in case any officers are reading this- I'M OUT NOW, and never 
> > have more than 28 grams when I do have any pot anyway, meaning I'm not 
> > breaking NY laws due to this, NY, being a decrim state), brand new 
> > beautiful hand-blown glass bowl that I just finally broke down and bought 
> > yesterday, having broken my last one a few weeks ago. I've been suffering 
> > through not having a bowl since then, having to roll joints, or use a 
> > nasty old bong, (hard to take a bong with me to a dj gig), or use this 
> > neato pipe that is hidden inside a magic marker that V's sister gave her 
> > for Chistmas- actually a fairly decent bowl but it's not glass, a much 
> > nicer material to smoke from. Anyway, I reach out and lovingly pick up my 
> > brand new, only used twice so far bowl, lift it towards my lips, and then 
> > completely spaz out, loose all control of my fingers and basically throw 
> > the bowl directly to the hard tile floor of my bathroom, shattering the 
> > brand new, now useless and wasted bowl.
> >    So, I'd like to ask everyone to please think so positive thoughts in 
> > our direction as the vibes around us seem to be jangling pretty hard and 
> > I'd like them to please calm down a bit.
> > ;-))
> > Thanks for your time and consideration and hopefully for all the good 
> > positive vibes everyone is going to sending streaming through the ether.
> >
> >
> >
> > Peace and love,
> > Preston
> >
> > "Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment is often 
> > mistaken for madness"
> > Richard Davenport-Hines
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