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Thanks Nick, Randy, y'all: I'm resisting getting back on the Iboga list cos 
of overwork already but looking forward to the conf. in NYC soon..
Some comments about this 'resistance' from Prof Cohen:

***A) PC is a brilliant man though using his huge intellect to bad-rap a 
treatment for addiction, which clearly has validity, use and healing for our 
peers/community and family and therefore our communities generally, annoys me A LOT.

B) At the New Mexico Lindesmith Conference, Marsha Rosenbaum, a woman I 
happen to admire a lot otherwise, tried to stop Dana from speaking and had I not 
intervened, would prolly have succeeded. I called her weeks later, to ask why 
she did that and she said she had forgotten even doing it..

C)There clearly is something about Iboga that upsets those with money and 
power in the movement, but I am unclear as to what it is...whatever it is, they 
are not articulating with any convincing to me. I think it's personal, not 
theoretical, political or economic actually. BUT y'know when people have such 
fantastic brains, they can waste time with arguments that some will find 
interesting if unhelpful

D) PC is a star in some circles, so people like to connect to him: I love his 
mischievious childlike nature but I have had many one to ones with him and I 
often end up feeling unappreciated, so i keep a little distance from him 

E) I have written a longish e-mail to him, Nadelmann & Rosenbaum, saying in 
short, PLEASE stop being so arrogant..."if addicts are saying that Iboga 
improves their lives, nobody 
(including y'all) should be throwing theoretcial spanners in the works."

I hope life is treating U all well.

Better go shopping: fridge's empty

Solidarity and Strength

Andria E-Mordaunt
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