[Ibogaine] Science, not a Cult

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To say only an addict can help with or understand addiction is also like 
saying only a Dr. or scientist who has cancer can study cancer. Yes, it 
helps to have the empathy of addiction, but are there not people in your 
life or family who are not addicts who help you with keeping clean? That 
only an addict can help is one of those AA beliefs. Is it true? As Ozzy says 
about AA "Why would I want to only hang with cripples for help if I was a 

Not being an addict can give a scientist some perspective and distance. I 
myself wouldn't pay an addiction specialist $300 an hour either. I think the 
work of Dr.'s Glick, Mash, Peele are all helpful to the study of addiction 
and should not be discounted because they are not addicts. Help can come 
from all corners, not just addicts. Sure, Dr. Cohen is a blathering fool for 
saying iboga is the same as methadone, but his comments on legalization are 
helpful. Why not have a combination of harm-reduction, de-criminalization 
and more and better treatment options? Help from non-addicts as well as 
addicts? Fine, if it is a disease, don't arrest me and make me pray to god 
to get better. Options and choice are lovely things. Sure, we like iboga 
better than methadone; I have friends who were really helped by methadone.


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>Being an 'addiction specialist', yet having no prior
>firsthand experience with chemical dependency is kinda
>like trying to write a paper about the sensation of
>skydiving without ever having jumped- it's gonna be
>dry, detached and only partially-informed, and
>strongly influenced by personal convictions and biases
>rather than first-hand knowledge and experience.
>I have more respect for the Chinese man who got
>himself addicted to opium and then developed Heantos
>detox than I do for any pontificating egg-head who
>prattles on about drug addiction, yet remains
>blissfully aware of the physical/psychological
>ramifications of such.  Addictions specialist?  More
>like a tourist.
>Maybe it's just me, but I would rather talk about
>addiction or schedule a healing session with Martee,
>Randy, Jason, and anyone else on this list as opposed
>to one with a $300/hr tourist.
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