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I hear what your saying.  I did the healthy diet and milk thistle etc. etc.
for quite a few years but in the end it didn't help cos the virus just kept
doing its own cycle.  If you've only had symptoms once sounds like you could
have had acute hep C which means exposure to the virus but your own body or
immune system has fought it off.  Chronic hepatitis is where it keeps coming
back and your body hasn't managed to battle it.  I fought against the whole
interferon system for ages but eventually got so tired and sick from the
virus any option for treatment sounded better and better.  Allison    PS. 
Am hoping the treatment is a success as I sure don't want to go through all
this shit again & it would be great to feel like some sort of person with
some energy again.  
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I;’m not too concerned

.I’ve only ever had symptoms once and that was
probably just after contracting it.  I’ve only ever used Milk Thistle and
related herbs, I didn’t like the sound of interferon (aint nobody interferon
with MY liver like that LOL)  and a biopsy gives me the shits!! If an organ
is sick, why the hell would ya wanna poke a bluddy great needle into
it??????? Cheesh!!
Anyway, hope you treatments have worked excellently for you
Cheers for the info

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Apparently blood tests for liver counts are not all that reliable.  The most
accurate test is a biopsy that will give you a genotype of Hep C and the
level of inflammation and fibrosis in the liver.  There is a PCR test  to
detect a positive or neg to the virus in the body but they only do it during
and after treatment to see if the virus has been eradicated.  I'm just
finishing a 6 month interferon & ribaviron course and fingers crossed for
good results.  Had one PCR test at 4 months that was negative and am hoping
future results will be clear.  I found a site called Janis and friends Hep C
support at  http://janis7hepc.com/ good and there are some others although
the medication & treatment is different to us here in NZ.  All a question of
funding and cost.  Also there is a good Aussie site but can't remember the
link just at the moment.  Probably have the Alzheimer problem too.  Allison
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How accurate are liver tests?  I know you can get the liver count done,
showing what state it is in, but the Hep C testing isn’t too good yet is it?
 “They” say they can do a test that shows whether you’ve cleared the virus
which to me is misleading because as far as I know you’ll always have the
virus in one form or another

inactive or active.
Anyone more knowledgeable on this than moi???

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