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The Set & Setting Section in my opinion should be
expanded more.  Set & Setting, to me, can make or
break the session.  
     Perhaps a Link(s) to more indepth work (so
someone new can have the option of understanding it's
importance),  or not.

"reach out for your notebook and pen and write it
   I like: 'take note of it in the form that is best.'

"For this reason the first time someone takes eboga
they should be prepared for all possibilities and have
someone responsible taking care of them."
  A link to a source that defines what a responsible
someone taking care of them is I think would be
Jason, that is some of the best advice I have seen here. My provider told me 
the same thing, and I don't think he could have done a better job at making me 
feel at ease. I did it in my camper with candles burning the whole time. He 
burned sage at the start of my treatment and talked to me about the fear I had 
and everything went just like he said it would. I was on Methadone and It took 
48 hours of pretty hard work, being at home and hearing the guinea fowl in 
the back ground during the day helped to ease the strain a little. I can't 
imagine doing it in St. Kitts being a whole lot more therapeutic than what I 
experienced at home. My provider knew when to leave me alone, and when to check on 
me, right on time. I never felt out of control other than puking. Couldn't do 
much about that, but it was worth it. I even kept a plant next to me for 
company. It looked pretty cool when the Ibo kicked in. I think the setting is as 
important as the person giving the treatment. Both are very important. I feel 
very grateful to have found the guy that I did and for having a mother cool 
enough to back me on the treatment. It seemed perfect to me. ( I could have done 
without the yak fest, I moved around too much). Trip and learn.     "Free Your 
Mind and Your Ass Will Follow".....George Clinton          Randy
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