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you may not keep your face in a jar by the door,
who was it for ? flashback '66
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  Actually, I use closets, rooms, and sometimes do outdoors.  I do admit starting spawn in jars(Qt's or sometimes larger) or spawn bags but then you spawn that to a bulk substrate, such as compost, straw, or mix of both.  Yields pound after pound easily.  No super sterility after spawning, no fungicides or anything...  Just good old fresh air and maybe a little humidity.  When I see a contam, I just toss it, disinfect with bleach water, and if you keep your work ethic up, you'll always have something ready to take it's place.  Maybe huge commercial growers in other countries practice unsafe growing but generally all the shrooms I have grown and have ever eaten have been great with no ill effects.  I guess it is always best to know your supplier, but in todays day and age with the draconian drug laws in America, that is unrealistic, so grow your own if you're worried.  Pounds are easy to grow with very little investment and for a few thousand dollars, you can have an elaborate setup with all state of the art equipment, capable of producing hundreds of pounds, depending on your time and space constraints.   

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  You must be one of those folks growing jars in their closets.

  Fungicides like benamyl are used to attempt erradication of molds
  growing primarily on peat based casing material (commercial operations). This
  is often a last ditch attempt to harvest 'one more flush'..The contamination I
  spoke of would usually originate from the casing or substrate due to
  ineffective pasteurization or by contamination introduced post pasteurization,
  most often at the third harvesting phase.
  Trust me,in these situations the spores resulting from competitor
  colonization,in a confined space, are considerably atypical to what anyone
  breathes normaly. In my opinion, cubensis mushrooms grown in the above
  scenario, are not fit for human consumption, although with the exception of
  added fungicides,are extremely 'organic'.

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