[Ibogaine] Demonising Ibogaine

Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Feb 8 06:00:57 EST 2005

    Saying that. I believe that Eboga, which ibogaine really is, is a very
intelligent system of thought among other things. Apart from the actual
physical dangers I do not for a moment believe there can be any mental
dangers. And, every auricle I have heard on the ibo scene says the same.

    I have a guy mailing me at the moment that says ibogaine brought on
psychotic episodes which are still troubling him 3.5 years later. IMO It's
totally feasible. You're digging into the unconscious mind and where there
are big packets of fear there will be mental freak-outs. There will be
reactions. You're taking someone out of a highly controlled state of
consciousness, day-to-day reality, and into this wild crazy world of the
unconscious mind. What I would say is that imo ibogaine is a safer
exploratory tool than other tryptamines or related drugs. That it's mentally
safe, that it couldn't drive you nuts? I couldn't go that far.

    Just to complete this properly,  I checked and  actually what he said
was that he started using the fitness supplement Creatine 3 weeks ago and it
seemed to bring on flashbacks and "minor psychotic episodes" relating to his
ibogaine experience in 2001.  He's stopped taking Creatine now. Interesting
though also worrying.

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