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> Hi Carla !!!
> > I am not grouch again : ) Ron asked a question and I just told what I
> think.I have been in this list several months and I just realize that most
> of the people are still using and are fully immersed in the drugs
> culture .
> This is a fact. Now  I don't have to be judgmental about that. I am nobody
> to judge .Its just a fact. I've read on the Ibogaine dossier that the rate
> of recovery is low and this is true.You are right, they are not too opened
> minded in AA or NA regarding Ibogaine. Too bad, I believe Ibogaine could
> realy open a window to give the time to the alcoholic or addict
> to make the
> change necessary in his life .
> " Everything he said ( Patrick ) was about hope, belief and having faith."
> That the point.The all point. Without hope, a profound change of
> your belief
> system, and faith. Is no way that an alcoholic or addict will make it. He
> will swich eventually, will control the harm but........
> IMHO the only difference beetwen a Saint and a junky ready to shoot and
> maybee to die , lie in three words, hope belief and faith.
> I am not specialy an AA man or belong specificly to a religion, I am not
> even a good christian :-) I believe that AA or NA will help enormously if
> the alcoholic or addict manage to stay long enought. to see the
> fruits.  One
> , need patience and humility.
>  I believe only in what's work. The only difference beetween a Saint in
> rapture, in a complete state of Extasy and a alcoholic / addict ready to
> commit suicide is theirs  level of Endorphine . Their own personal control
> of the natural production of the pleasure molecule.We have this natural
> gift, and is the right of every leaving creature. They found even
> endorphine


The "saint in rapture" is just in the high of a bi-polar state. It's not,
imo, long-term viable to try and put people, junkies or whoever, into this
state all day long by fiddling with their neurochemistry, whether from the
outside with drugs, or from the inside with meditations. Nice for a bit

> in single cell organisme.. ....
> Let me explain a bit my idea : the body produce neuropetides.in this case
> endorphine....... The neuropeptides change how the body
> feels.......the new
> feeling aftect our mood, our emotions, and the way we think........ and
> affects our behaviour........
> Or you can do exactly the contrary starting from your
> behaviour.... the way
> you think.... blabla bla
> Or you can start from the way you think....... blablabla.. Here,
> in the last
> case we are talking about belief system :-)
> NOW, you can shortcut, artificialy and trick your brain to change the way
> you want it to fell.... ....with about the same reaction chaine
> but not with
> the same output as the natural process.Eventualy we can destroy our
> abilities to feel pleasure naturaly and to grow in mastering our brain.
> For me this is a simple chemical and neural response that we have
> to learnt
> how to dominate..That all.
> Forget about, psycology, and all things in.... y  .
>  We are what we think .
> That was a long one ........ considering that I will quit
> writting  in this
> list this a sort of testament :-)

In this technique that you have developed for feeling good and staying
positive, is it that when someone criticizes you or gives you negative
feedback you just get out of the situation? I'm interested.


> Love
> Francis

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