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It'll be two years for me in March..  I was on heroin/oxycontin for about 3 years, then got on methadone at 100mgs a day, for over 3 years..  I did Iboga in march of 04, so this year will be 2 years clean from opiates.  I haven't had any problems, although, for the first couple weeks after, I needed to take it easy and regain my vigor..  After 2 months, I felt pretty much normal, and now I feel like I never had a problem...

lori m <loriibo at yahoo.ca> wrote:     Dear List,

  Thanks, to everyone who e-mailed me requesting more information on the study.

  The research study is looking at Ibogaine as an anti-addictive treatment with individuals who responded to one time administration. I am looking for individuals who have maintained abstinence for 2 years, after their first session from their drug of choice.

I have already interviewed 14 people, who were opiate dependent, and 1 alcohol dependent individual who fit the ideal criteria of the study.  I am looking for six more individuals who have gone through an Ibogaine treatment for opiate use and/or dependency, and/or people who have undergone Ibogaine for stimulant or alcohol use or dependency.  
  This is a small scale study with the main objective being to bring awareness to the general population of the treatment potentials of  Ibogaine.  A one-time administration of Ibogaine has worked for those I have interviewed. These may be  exceptions to the rule, and I would welcome further discussion on this topic if you are interested in posting. I am fascinated with stories of how we break our addictions (chemical or not).  
  Much Appreciated!



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