[Ibogaine] clinic for addicts in moscow

Matthew Shriver matt at itsupport.net
Tue Dec 27 21:13:58 EST 2005

I was able to watch the video.  It described that same procedure that Logan
did to some degree.  It mentioned that the process of injecting the opiate
blocking "neuropeptide" put the person in a state where they needed a
respirator to breathe and mentioned something about very low blood pressure.
It made me wonder what the fatality rate is.

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Maybe that's why their site gives no clue about what the method 
involves. I wonder if it has ever worked with a medically aware 
addict who has done it voluntarily?

Otherwise, the site is 3 faces, a picture of an apartment building, 
and a claimed 4.5MB msnbc article that took too long to connect.

On Tue, 27 Dec 2005 17:25:07 -0800 Logan Palis 
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>Their metod of permanent receptor blocking has been done in early 
>on heroin and metadone addicts. Negative side of treatment was 
>that patients 
>needed to be clean at least 30 days prior to treatment. Tratment 
>was in two 
>steps. 1. was actual treatment where patient was injected with a 
>that was due to block all opioid receptors for a long time if not 
>It was a several hours unplesant trip, so to speak.
>2. Second or third day the patient was given very small IV dose of 

>pure heroin and patient would go to a form of chocking-coma for a 
>seconds until dose of naltroxene was administered to stop heroin 
>This expirience would scare addicts so bad that their sucess rate 
>was wery 
>Due to proces of helth system privatisation and what not, Zobin 
>stooped his 
>operation in mid ninetys. This is the first time I hear about him 
>Kind of glad that Russian mafia didnt kill him.
>Somebody I know went trugh his treatment after a long addiction 
>and havent 
>touched anything since.
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>>Subject: [Ibogaine] clinic for addicts in moscow
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>>has anyone ever heard of this?

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