[Ibogaine] Made a plan

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Callie I approve:

you take drugs for pleasure or the well being it procures, whether you need 
it to solve or hide yr problems, or only for the well being.
By the time the drug does not provide you these high feelings, that 
inevitably happens one day, by then it is too late. You are trapped. There 
is no way back. That's the last endless phase.

Those who succeed to break the chains, have to pay a heavy price: endeavour 
a bulk of various pains which are the opposite of all the various pleasures 
you got from yr drug. Only the time factor is different: the pain you need 
to pay is limited in time, a couple of days may be, or a week, but the 
intensity of the pain is mountain high.


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>In my  opinion, no, it's not even close to what addiction is- addiction is
>when  "it" no longer feels good yet we keep doing it  anyway.
>Preston, I gotta disagree with you on this one. Addiction progresses to not
>feeling good anymore but that is the very last and chronic phase of 
>  Sadly it is the phase where most folks die or end up in prison.
>The one thing that I learned in twelve step groups that was right on
>was....."Insanity is repeating the same behavior that causes trouble or 
>pain  always
>expecting a different outcome." That is basically what you are saying  too,
>isn't it? This insanity is certainly a part of addiction....of mine  
>I could sit down and make list after list of behavior I continue  repeat 
>though it never results in what I want it to. It always results  in the 
>negative, painful situation or consequence.
>I always expect to never get caught in a lie,I always expect to be able to
>find a dose of Methadone after I drink tomorrow's dose today, I always 
>think I
>can beat a check to the bank when I write a 'hot' one, etc., etc.!!!
>I also believe that it is insane for me to think I can live drug free. I
>have not been able to do it before. In fact, each time I have tried to live 
>free I ended up in worse shape than I was when I decided to quit!
>I am hoping Ibogaine will change that part of me.
>I have reached that last phase of addiction where I do not feel the  
>I felt in the beginning. That to me though is not addiction  
>a part of addiction.
>I believe that my use has ever been my addiction but the way it manifests
>itself. Addiction is a disorder in me that keeps me feeling a void in all 
>of my life and using drugs satiates that gnawing hole in my spiritual 
>my  emotional being and as a result I am physically addicted so it feeds 
>hole  in my physical self too.
>Addiction really sucks no matter how you define it! That is the one thing I
>know for sure!!

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