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Legal applications are always being pushed beyond their original purpose(s).  The NSA can tap , hear,or see and monitor everything.  Speaking for this klown only and hopefully everyone on the list,  I (we) would never harm or destroy anything except in self defense or protecting loved ones.... that's even when I'm bad.  . Thanks to everyone who has taken time to read my pointless diatribes.  Ed, you are probably retired after working your arse off for many thankless yrs., I'm just a worker bee, a  voyager at the hands of some very caring  providers.  How I got here isn't relevant  as I do not believe a schmuck like me just awakens one day and goes 'hey things are great, guess I'll go thru withdrawals, put my gig high on the radar with no bailout options  and  have the flu for a month or more w/residuals.  Some swear I am having fun.   .  I zipped right thru that stage 2 decades ago.  Your sleep stuff is important as is your attitude.  Many thanks to the pros on the list and the laypeople that don't have diplomma wallpaper but rather a wealth of empiracal experience  and knowledge that they share with a fool like me.
Monkeys off of backs, peaceful paths and quietness to contemplate the experience if one truly  wants it.  I find it to be a taxing  enigma to the unknowing.  i find it very confusing  at a mininum.  thanks to all, ron, koko, bonehead, still in the clutches, hopeful thru you guys, pax ----- Original Message ----- 
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  I'm wondering whether the DEA/FBI/CIA used the "Patriot Act" to wire-tap inside the USA to "catch" the Wyoming couple.......?  Doesn't really sound like "terrorism" to me!  Dr. Ed 
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