Happy Holidays

Jeff G jeffgallop at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 14:31:27 EST 2005

Hello all
 I wanted to wish everyone on this very special list a very happy Holiday
season. when i found this list the prospect of actually doing Ibogaine to
help rid me of my methadone habit of so many years seemed no more than a
dream, well now it is more than a year since i drank that last bottle and I
can not believe it!
It was not easy!! The months post Ibogaine were almost unbearably hard on so
many levels,even with the nor ibo flowing freely I was a shell of a man and
wondered many times why I choose this treatment. I truly believed at that
time and even before that being a methadone patient was okay that it was
like being a diabetic and it was my insulin, an analogy I used for many
years. I was so wrong.
 In so many ways I now realize how stifling the juice was for me. I have
moved forward on so many levels (tho not to say I haven't still many long
roads to travel) in this short but long year that at years end when we tend
to look back it is hard to to wonder about how much in my life could have
been done so much sooner, geographically, economically, spiritually,
physically,emotionally, well you name it
. That leads me to regret some things that I never did before and that is
hard at times- very trying and frustrating actually.
Looking forward is way easier and Rachy and I plan on moving to Northern
California by springtime, I am finding opportunity where i never imagined
and I am hopeful that my life now will be fulfilling and gratifying on those
levels i motioned before as being frustrating
I want to say again this list is amazing the Ibo Angels here are doing work
that is just beyond words. That we can share our experiences and show others
that there is hope, that tho not easy the Ibo route works still blows my
mind everyday...
Freak Freely and Free!!
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