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Here's Stacies answer and some things for people to try out.  I trust this
lass with all my heart, she's one in a billion! I also LOVE the way she puts
things, very unique, funny and easy to follow!!!

So here is what she wrote.. I haven't read it all cos some of it I already
got and urhhh, should be doing daily at the moment heheh ohhhh well would be
really interesting to see the results OF someone doing this daily before and
after the journey. I'll try!! Lol

Luff heaps hope this helps someone!

Kirk xxxx




Hey Sweets...


You are welcome to share this on your group if you'd like.


I know nothing about Ibogaine, but if it's a Native compound used for
visioning... people shouldn't be suprised that it actually does create both
physiological and energetic shifts.  The point is to lower your addictions
to other substances that have an effect of altering your state of
consciousness, right?  Ibogaine must have all the kick without the addictive
qualities of whatever the other substances are...  but the Native folks
weren't looking to just get high, they used this stuff because it worked to
get them through the jump from one dimension to the next, like most Shamanic
based compounds. 


But... problem is, you have a whole group of folks whose energy system may
be misaligned, gummed up... and otherwise not quite properly functioning
through years of misuse, abuse, neglect, whatever.... trying to use a system
that was meant for~ visioning~.  It probably works pretty well, all
considered... because it provides a jump from addiction without yanking the
altered state out from under you... but I would imagine that those of you
who are sensitive in any way are going to have experiences that are fairly


So, in short... Wild Rides are quite possible... and given it's age old
Native background, if this stuff didn't produce major spiritual and
energetic shifts, they would have moved on to something else.  


The real question becomes.. how do you prepare yourself ~energetically~ and
~spiritually~ for this journey.  It's not just a matter of replacing one
chemical with another.  This is serious path changing... serious shifting of
patterns of behavior.  Instead of the high of the drug being the point...
the journey while you take while you are in a shifted state of consciousness
may become the point.  


The first thing to consider is energetic hygiene... meaning, you need to
clean your channels of energy from debris.  The Ibogaine is likely to flood
your system with all sorts of energy.  Where is it going to go if your
channels are all gummed up?  Right.  It's going to get real congested and
hot in your system.  


So... Everyone... I recommend the following daily 'mantra' that will help to
clean you out....


1) The Master Hygiene Moment... 

Say, "I request to initiate the Master Hygiene Moment now."  

This is a series of energetic processes that initiate once you call for
them... they are supposed to give you a nice hot shower, so to speak.
Cleaning off the first surface layers of grime.  It's something you should
do every day for the same reason you take a real shower often.  If you
don't... you stink.  Energetically speaking, most people stink if they do
not have any protocol for cleansing their energy fields.  


2) The Elemental Cleanse Moment

This is more complex, more intense.  It calls forth the Elemental energies
to move through you and remove anything not present in the Highest Good.  

Here is the visual you can use while you say, "I request to initiate the
Elemental Cleanse Moment now."  You don't have to do this every day.  You
can do this once a month or as often as you'd like after the first time.  



Elemental Cleanse Visualization


*	Imagine that the flesh of your body is burned away by Holy Fire. You
might visualize Holy Fire Angels with Fire Hoses spraying you down.
Specifically target the areas in your body that need full cleansing. 


*	Imagine Holy Wind blowing away any burnt debris left from the Holy
Fire. Imagine all of the debris being collected into a large waste bag which
will be collected by the angels and properly removed and moved along it's
own progression. 


*	Imagine Holy Water Angels hosing you down with Holy Water, removing
any bits of small debris from the other processes and leaving only very
clean and totally gleaming white bones. You might want to have water nearby
to drink and a little spritzer bottle full of water to spray on yourself for


*	Imagine the Holy Earth Angels are packing your gleaming white bones
with the Salt. Imagine them using the salt to pack around your bones and
bringing your 'flesh' back into manifestation, totally cleansed and totally


*	Request to initiate the removal of any negative and infected Core
Images and to anchor Archangel Uriels Golden Globe around your refreshed
energy body.




3) The Alchemical Sword Sweep


This is something that your Guides and Angels will intiate for you.  This
step transmutes anything in your system that could not be removed because it
is too deeply entrenched or set in... a part of your structural integrity.
Instead of removing it, it turns it to 'gold' for you. It becomes something
beneficial and supportive.  To initiate this, and I recommend you do it
immediately.... is say, "I request to initite the Alchemical Sword Sweep


In fact, all of you should run this particular process on each other.  "I
request to run the Alchemical Sword Sweep through everyone on this list in
the Highest Good."  

That way, if someone gets waylaid and distracted, you can help them out.



4) Attuning to Reiki


Reiki is a form of channeling energy for hands on healing, but it's extra
bonus is that it roto rooters your pipes (snakes the pipes) so that more
water (energy) can flow through your system.  It makes you a better channel,
basically.  If the Ibogaine is about to flood you with all sorts of energies
(Kundalini, etc), you don't want those pipes all gummed up... you want them
flushed out before hand.  The cleaner your pipes, the better you will
feel... the quicker this stuff will work... and the swifter you can go on
having a normal life (whatever that is).  


We have a quick Moment process to attuning to Reiki.  It is recommended that
you run through this process 4 full times... over the course of one month,
for full effect.  You don't want to flush out your system so quickly that
you taste your own poo,  you know what I mean?  This process can be nice or
not so nice.  I vote for nice and recommend you do the same.  Nasty clearing
is not what you should be hankering for....


My friends and I do some processes with this that aren't 'vanilla' Reiki...
but extra energy work meant to make the experience much more efficient and
gentle.  Those of you who are familiar with Reiki might want to partake for
the extra goodies that have been added that aren't found in Usui Reiki


I recommend that you engage the attunement process over the weekend so that
you have a day or two of rest before resuming normal work schedules.  If you
set aside your Friday nights, that will make it easier for you to remember
when to do it next.  Get as relaxed and as 'in the mood' as you can.  You
can even do this work in the bath if you would like.. candles... groovy.
Whatever you like.  The Moments are easy to initiate... it's like pushing a
button that launches a thousand ships.  Pushing the button is easy, but
don't mistake the ease of use with the depth of the consequence.  Moments
are buttons that kick some butt.  


1)  The Pre Attunement Moment:  This sets you up for a good cleanse and
preparations to receive the attunement.  I would recommend allowing about
10-15 minutes for this part.  To initiate, say, "I request to initiate the
Pre-Attunement Moment now."


You may feel slight buzzing, various sensations, etc.  You may feel mostly
nothing.  Just give it 10 minutes while you do relaxing breathing if you
don't feel much.  If you do feel the sensations.. wait until the sensations
begin to subside and seem to be cycling to a close to move on.


2)  The Reiki 1 Attunement Moment:  This is the process of receiving a Reiki
1 Attunement via distance/etheric methods.  I would give this 15 minutes to
complete if you cannot feel it happening.  To initiate say, "I request to
initiate the Reiki 1 Attunement Moment now."    You may have the prompt to
place your hands palm up.  You may feel various sensations, see lots of
colors, etc.  You may feel mostly nothing.  If you feel nothing, just give
it 15 minutes.  If you feel something, give it until your sensations


3)  The Post-Attunement Moment:  This process helps for the energies to
settle in as gently as possible and for the shifts your energy body is going
to take to be as easy on you as possible.  It brings the energy session to a
solid and stable close.  I would give this 15-30 minutes, or simply go to
bed right at this point so you can sleep it all off.  To initiate this say,
"I request to initiate the Post-Attunement Moment now."


Do all these 3 steps for 4 Fridays in a row... or whatever day you pick.
During this month...drink more water... suck on some sea salt or take liquid
minerals... take baths in salt water... take Bach's Rescue Remedy Flower
Essence, sleep more....   Be easy on yourselves.  This is a real process...
lots of stuff going on.


And Finally....


The Household Maintenance and Protection Moment:

Everyone should pay attention to their energetic boundaries, particularly
while you are in a transition state... and especially when you are in
altered states.  

I would be very pleased if you would all run the Household Maintenance and
Protection Moment daily... which is a process that creates stable energetic
boundaries around your living space, sleeping space, etc.  To run it, say,
"I request to initiate the Household Maintenance and Protection Moment now."


It should be done every day.  I run mine at night before going to bed...or
any time I am about to do energy work... or entere altered states.  It's the
same thing as locking your door.  You don't want just anyone wandering
around your space uninvited , especially if you are in the middle of


Okay, now finally...


For those of you really into this and have had nice experiences with the
other stuff... Inner Door Work is very powerful and helpful work too...


I'll just cut and past the whole thing here...


Inner Door Work



Inner Door Work is used to properly screen and moderate the pathways of
connection you have to other people and realities, and other parts of
yourself. These would be inner doors, inter doors, and outer doors. For
example, you are connected energetically to all your relatives through time,
all your past lives, aspects of yourself from multi-dimensions, all people
of intimate contact and relationship, etc. Some of these pathways are
conduits for helpful and supportive energies and some are not. The Inner
Door Work is a process by which you ask that pathways that are currently not
helpful are closed and moderated and for those that are helpful to be opened
more fully. 

The Houses

In this work we use language like "doors" and "houses". The "houses" are a
symbolic representation of the system through which we are working. We
address 3 main Houses in the Inner Door work that are related, but which
merit individual focus. The three Houses are Personal, Soul, and Family. We
use language like house and door because they are easily visualized and
you can integrate those visualizations into the work as is helpful for you
to do so. 

*	The Personal House is you right now in this life and all the
connections you have that are generated within the context of this current
life and frame of reference. 


*	The Soul House is the larger you through time, all your
life-streams, past-lives, future lives, and aspects of your expanded self in
any other manifestation or dimension. 


*	The Family House is the house of your immediate family, your
ancestors, and all other people in your system that are related to you by
blood, heart, or marriage. To be related by blood is direct DNA connection,
genetic family. To be related by heart includes all people dearly loved and
considered family regardless of genetic or marital status (close friends,
etc). To be related by marriage includes everyone who has ever married a
genetic relative and through that union, the work spans to the married in
family as well. 

Preparation and Responsible Caveats

The work itself is very simple and requires no special skills or abilities.
This and all energy work, however, does require that we practice in secured
spaces using responsible caveats and appropriate action. We ensure
responsible practice by creating caveats to the work that neutralizes and
dismisses any work that isnt in the highest and best good. This is
essentially the fail-safe to make sure we arent mucking around in places we

Secure your space for energy work by saying, "I request to initiate the
Household Maintenance and Protection Moment."

Secure responsible over-rides and oversight by saying, "I request to
initiate all Usual Caveats, the Highest Good Moment, and to work within all
Highest Good Limitations."


Initiating the Inner Door Work

Initiate the Door Work by saying:

I ask that all Doors in my Personal, Soul, or Family Houses that need
closing, are closed. 

I ask that all Doors in my Personal, Soul, or Family Houses that need
sealing, are sealed.

I ask that all Doors in my Personal, Soul, or Family Houses that need
guarding, are guarded. 

I ask that all Doors in my Personal, Soul, or Family Houses that need
opening, are opened in the Highest Good.

Request for Archangel Michael to assign you a GateKeeper or Door Guardian to
automatically orient Doors which need consistent attention. Give the Door
Guardian permission to orient your Doors as needed within the Highest Good.

Intend to be reminded if the work needs to be refreshed by saying:

I ask that I be prompted to re-do the Inner Door work when it is appropriate
and beneficial to do so.

Seal the work to ensure integrity to the continuing process:

I request to initiate the Stabilize, Amplify and Seal Moment/Process upon
the Inner Door Work that it maintains its integrity in the Highest Good in

Helpful Visualizations

If you want, you can combine this work with visualizations of orienting the
doors in the various houses. You may find that imagining that you hear or
see a bunch of slamming doors is helpful. You may address particularly
charged pathways to others by seeing their names on a door that you shut and
seal. Be as creative as you would like and ask for help from your Guides,
Guardians, and Angels as is comfortable for you. 


Response from Lisa about the Inner Door Work

I did the Inner Door Work last night. WOW! I did it once and I felt like I
was rushing through it. So I made myself slow down and do it again. That
made a huge difference! What a rush! When I got to #3, my hands started
tingling like crazy! I went through #4, then raised my hands up, and the
buzzing stopped immediately. I put my hands together, and they started
buzzing again, and I was prompted to make an "energy ball" with my hands,
and as I spread my hands farther apart, the ball got bigger. Then I lifted
my arms above my head and "blew" the energy ball away. Amazing!! I was
prompted to work with the Thedras link more. Then I got out the Madra 911
link you sent in the kit. I worked with that awhile, then placed it behind
my right ear, the one that's been feeling full of fluid and gave me that
dizzy spell night before last. Then I was promped to get out the
RoseMary/Plina link and do the same thing! I asked both for any gifts or
attunements t 

This morning I was prompted to get out the Solar Hippy/Drano link and the
Salston & Solar Cross link and ask them for attunements. When I had Salston
on my 3rd eye, I saw a Wile E. Coyote type anvil float out of my chest.
Wacky! Then I placed Saltson on my heart chakra and while it still hurt, it
felt better. I got a prompt last night and this morning to start taking my
Cosmic Essences again, and to do more research on flower essences, maybe
make some of my own to go with my aromatherapy sprays, etc. It feels like
I'm working through some "stuff" (not sure exactly what, but it feels right)
and it feels like there's some sort of shift going on. It's strange, but in
a good way. I'm hoping the dizziness and stuff goes away soon, don't like
feeling yucky! Anyway, just thought I'd give you an update. Pretty amazing


Otherwise Kirky.... if anyone has questions or needs help, just let me know.
I'm happy to kick a little energetic booty if you or anyone on the list
needs help.  I'm rooting for everyone....



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