[Ibogaine] Mail, Mail System, and Lists -- [READ ME]

D. Lynn Kalinoski d__lynn_kalinoski at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 20 17:53:09 EST 2005

Hi Patrick,

If this makes it through I'm glad to see you are still alive.  I've written 
a couple of times and you havent' gotten back so I figures you were

A. Busy
B. Busy
C. Busy

Merry Christmas and all of that kind of stuff.


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>We have completed the transition to new servers.  If you had email  
>@phantom or @mindvox, and would like access back, send me sum mail:  
>digital at wiretap.com
>My current mail @phantom has lotsa spam-filters chained together, and  
>automagically destroys almost everything, so unless you're in my  
>whiteborEd (your name is in my addressbook, or I have replied/sent  mail to 
>you in the past), it's entirely possible your missive will  sail off into 
>the event horizon, straight to oblivion.
>There are no more $hells, unless you're actually doing something with  it 
>(useful to us ... using above.net to DDOS your HateD En3m1eZ  duzzn't 
>qualify, sorry).
>There are no more cleartext connections at all.  You can use https  
>webmail, pop S, imap S, or we can drop a forward file for you.
>If you have any junk laying around in your accounts on the old box (es), 
>please clean them out, because they're gonna go dark Real Soon  Now.  Go 
>Dark = not just isolated, with most services turned off, but  physically 
>removed from the rack and unloaded sumplace.
>Real Soon, whatever you left in there will be Gone Forever.
>The message queues have been re-tuned, timeouts are longer for shit  like 
>Hotmail and other garbage; so everything should work with great  
>consistency, even if you insist on having your mailbox live on some  pile 
>of shit like hotmail or msn.
>There are new spam filters, and we're doing denial of sp4m at a SMTP  
>level, so millionz of pieces of crap don't stay in our queue.   
>Unfortunately, this also means if your IP has been blocked or banned  by 
>some blackho' filter; well, use a proxy or sumthin' because we  need to 
>keep the staggering mountain of crap that rains down upon  phantom and 
>mindvox, off our disks.
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