[Ibogaine] Anyone tried this strange Wild blue-green algae supplement?

jon jfreed1 at umbc.edu
Mon Dec 19 16:05:03 EST 2005

 From what I understand, it does contain a pretty good array of 
nutrients, but I'm not aware of any psychoactive constituents that would 
explain it giving you a buzz.

Did you by it from somewhere reputible? maybe it was contaminated?

> Hi Everyone,
>    I wonder has anyone hear of this wild blue-green algae health food.
>  I bought this last week after reading it was helpful for depression
> and energy.  I wasn't expecting much but after taking it I felt a
> strong energising effect.  I though it was a bit strange to have such
> a strong effect so quickly.  The next day I took it again and felt
> kind of buzzed.  I had to get out and go for a walk and felt like I
> took a drug.  I thought maybe I'm just sensitive so I gave some to a
> friend who had the same effect.
>     I did some snooping around the net for information on this and
> found alot of conflicting reports.  Some say this is a great super
> food that boosts the immune system and energy etc.. Then there's some
> saying that this contains toxins similar to cocaine.  It all seems a
> bit weird.  It did improve my energy and memory but I found it too
> strong form me.
> Luke
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