[Ibogaine] Sit or lie down after ingestion?

Matthew Shriver matt at itsupport.net
Thu Dec 15 13:01:52 EST 2005

Lying down for sure.  Dim the lights too.  I never had problems with nausea
from movement but I always remained lying down as much as possible.
Sometimes I would toss and turn a little from side to side, but I always
seemed to find that lying on my back was most comfortable.  The first time I
crawled to the bathroom when I needed to pee.  On later journey's I was able
to stagger there without getting nauseas.  I think it depends on how
susceptible to motion sickness you are, which I generally am not.  Balance
can be affected enough to make walking really hard on high doses though.

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I think I read you need to stay really still for several hours after 
ingestion to avoid nausea.

Would it be optimal to be sitting or lying down?

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