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Mon Dec 12 14:58:57 EST 2005

First let me say I am very sorry and feel your pain! I have never been good  
in relationships and all the loves of my life I lost except for Charlie, my  
present significant other, but I am his primary care giver and he would be VERY 
 foolish to boot me out! 
Don't panic. Do not make any rash decisions and encourage Vee to do the  
same. Encourage her to take this slow. Sometimes we say and do things when we  
aren't feeling well that we deeply regret in the future. You all have been  
together 9 years you say? Well, a couple of weeks to mull this split is not  asking 
to much. Encourage her to wait until after New Years before you guys make  a 
final break.
I also would discourage either of you if you are planning to separate.  Maybe 
a night or two apart but to move out would be too much too fast.
This is a stressful time of year and you have been stressed and busy with  
your books. Hang in there and don't let depression get you right now. Do  
something good and positive for yourself or for both of you if possible.
Please keep us informed of your situation. I am here if you have a  need.
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