[Ibogaine] bwiti books?

Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Dec 9 14:08:08 EST 2005

Hey Matthew,

If you can read French you could check out the following:
Péril Blanc, René Bureau

La Naissance à l'Envers, André Marie

Paroles d'un Enfant du Bwiti:  Les enseignements d'Iboga,  Laval-Jeantet,

The last one is recent, the others probably out of print. In English? Don't
know of much aside of Fernandez and some articles here and there.


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  Hi beautiful people

  pls let me know of any books about the bwiti and iboga

  all my searches turned a big 000000

  i know about the one by fernandez but i cant even get that at my local

  love and all that good shit :]


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