[Ibogaine] Ibogaine and PTSD

Blake Kritzberg blake.kritzberg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 14:44:18 EST 2005

Thanks for posting this, Brenda. I was just on the verge of explaining
that I'd like to do some self-run ibogaine sessions with an eye toward
resolving some of my lifetime's worth of codependency issues. I'm
missing a lot of memories, which makes it difficult to address
everything in therapy. I was beginning to wonder, though, if the
possible dangers involved in ibogaine made it better reserved for
those trying to kick life-threatening physical addictions.

- blake

On 12/2/05, brenda brewer <shakti at photon.net> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> After my session I was keenly aware by the way the traumatic scenes were
> processed of the relationship between Ibogaine and PTSD.   I did not do any
> research on that before I left because I was concentrating on my original
> intention of being sober but it's funny that alcohol never appeared in any
> way in any of my insights or visions – just the peeling the layers of my
> stuffed, repressed trauma (and the other global, cosmic stuff).

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