[Ibogaine] Ibogaine and PTSD

brenda brewer shakti at photon.net
Fri Dec 2 08:48:25 EST 2005

Hi Lee,

A short history:  I was diagnosed with PTSD about 16-17 yrs ago before I hit
the bottle with full force.  I have many times experienced flashbacks,
dissociative states, ect...my mind trying to make sense of what it had
earlier done with traumatic experiences ­ fragment, give meaning to, file.
Then you have your triggers that suddenly awaken these memories or just
plain stress and they come back with horrible emotions and don¹t always make
a lot of sense to the logical mind.  Plus you get really bad headaches and

During my Ibo session, at the end when I feel the substance had performed a
number of processes and gone down several layers that cleared and prepared
the way for more precise clearing ­ I then saw specific events, ya know, the
little movie screen?  And watched them with no emotion ­ just was shown the
file, so to speak.   Because the scenes were projected a couple feet in
front of me in mid-air (I finally refused to keep my eyes closed, just
wasn¹t working) the emotional releases did not have the same meaning ­ it
was just like, ³see?  That¹s what happened...it did not mean what you
thought...cleansing wave, cleansing wave ­ after, did it feel good!

The reason I included the personal part, is, I was told for many years, but
lots of well meaning therapists, that the healing and integration process
would probably take the rest of my life of hard, hard weekly sessions.  My
favorite therapist even told me he could not believe I was not addicted with
a needle in my arm and on the street (he just didn¹t give me enough time! ;)
I gave up on regular psychologists years ago.  So, this is development with
Ibogaine is a huge gift - I Œm deeply grateful.  I know that there have been
some MDMA and pcilosybin trials with people suffering from PTSD ­ I¹ve
followed it for years ­ I just feel repelled by institutions ­ even if the
researchers are people like Terrence McKenna and his brother.  And Terrence
was out there (really out there at times) but really down to earth and
willing to talk to anyone about this stuff.  But, I¹m intrigued by the
research again.

And, Eric Taube¹s site, the essay ³Nirvana,² that I read last night, struck
a deep cord with me ­ I could not believe how on the money the descriptions
were to my experiences with PTSD and the search for healing, then, Ibogaine.
(big hugs).

Anyhoo, I will be continuing on with some Ibo-friendly therapists.  May even
be able to set up my first meeting sometime today.

So, it all is what it is ­ I won¹t throw the baby out with the bath water.
I¹ve got more work to do.  There seems to be a lot of progress in the
research with/without Ibo.  I hope this answers your question kind of.

I sure do appreciate you all!  I¹m too sore to do yoga this AM (did it again
last night) so off to meditate :)


On 12/2/05 2:04 AM, "Lee Albert" <myeboga at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi Brenda,
> I would be really interested if you could elaborate (without actual personal
> details necessary) what you mean by this statement and how it operated for
> you.
> "After my session I was keenly aware by the way the traumatic scenes were
> processed of the relationship between Ibogaine and PTSD. "
> Thanks
> Lee

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