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sara119 at xs4all.nl sara119 at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 31 12:43:59 EDT 2005

Ed give me a break,

I'm in the middle of a treatment and it is going very well,I only got two
hours of sleep and in general only five hours a night, I don't want to
spend my energy writing on the internet and have no results.
 people come to my house to share idea's and exploration of many other
natural gifts  beside Iboga and Ibogaine.
I have a week of exploration together with a client, I also take iboga
with my clients lots of time. my life is more fun then ever before and I
work solo,as a mother and as a provider, but together with others on art
which are not yet finnished.
I have enough to do that 24 hours are not enough.


 Thanks sara,
> thats exactly what I wanted, for you to talk to me directly not like some
> inconsequential sitting around the edges of the cyber plains, and thats
> exactly why I entered into 'discussion' the way I did, by trying to divert
> attention in a different way and I was'nt going to call up anyone backside
> to have to do that, never have and never will. It turns out I do have a
> lot
> to say and a lot of experince under my belt so I'm not going to shy away
> in
> the undergrowth, I've done that all my child hood and to no avail. So no
> more and no longer will I put my hand up in class and wait to be got round
> to.
> I'm very aware of the faults of the western world, but honestly I think
> there human faults, or blind spots if you will and we've all got them, so
> please bare with me if I don't assasinate a nation just yet. I'll listen
> to
> some hard and fast music instead. I'm not a big man for bombs, brought up
> in
> Northern Ireland you see your fair share of them, and no I was'nt in the
> romantic centre of it , I was out in the suburbs.
> Why do I rant on about this therapy thing?...Well because I've done the
> drug
> thing, I've done the no drug thing and I've done the contemplation thing
> to
> death and as luck would have it a very nice very professional 'sensitive'
> told me about 'getting accreditation' and off I went and found good psycho
> spiritual therapy and it worked wonders - it resolved great tracts of pain
> and also gave me tools I could work with. After having been involved in
> alternatrive therapy for years prior it added on top a whole new area of
> work. And believe me I'm not a sucker for bullshit. So likewise I
> encorporate it into my work and with ibogaine it works very well, because
> despite the cloudiness around adiction , the elements of human suffering
> or
> wounding are the same. So i've found my practice has gained as a result.
> Thats it.
> I also have a personal anecdote for you but I'm going to save that for
> later.
> Ed.
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