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Hi All, I watched "going tribal" after coming home from the psych unit last nite -(we unfortunately watched the news ad naseum all shift, so I needed to balance out), I was pleasantly surprised how touching the program was, and he did mention ibogaine treatment for addiction in a positive note too!glad you guys are here ,love shell

edward conn <wardconn at hotmail.com> wrote:Thanks sara,

thats exactly what I wanted, for you to talk to me directly not like some 
inconsequential sitting around the edges of the cyber plains, and thats 
exactly why I entered into 'discussion' the way I did, by trying to divert 
attention in a different way and I was'nt going to call up anyone backside 
to have to do that, never have and never will. It turns out I do have a lot 
to say and a lot of experince under my belt so I'm not going to shy away in 
the undergrowth, I've done that all my child hood and to no avail. So no 
more and no longer will I put my hand up in class and wait to be got round 

I'm very aware of the faults of the western world, but honestly I think 
there human faults, or blind spots if you will and we've all got them, so 
please bare with me if I don't assasinate a nation just yet. I'll listen to 
some hard and fast music instead. I'm not a big man for bombs, brought up in 
Northern Ireland you see your fair share of them, and no I was'nt in the 
romantic centre of it , I was out in the suburbs.

Why do I rant on about this therapy thing?...Well because I've done the drug 
thing, I've done the no drug thing and I've done the contemplation thing to 
death and as luck would have it a very nice very professional 'sensitive' 
told me about 'getting accreditation' and off I went and found good psycho 
spiritual therapy and it worked wonders - it resolved great tracts of pain 
and also gave me tools I could work with. After having been involved in 
alternatrive therapy for years prior it added on top a whole new area of 
work. And believe me I'm not a sucker for bullshit. So likewise I 
encorporate it into my work and with ibogaine it works very well, because 
despite the cloudiness around adiction , the elements of human suffering or 
wounding are the same. So i've found my practice has gained as a result. 
Thats it.

I also have a personal anecdote for you but I'm going to save that for 


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>thanks ED !
> people can to go to a conventional therapist in the city where they live,
>if they wish to do so.
>is that good enough,? I practice voodoo I have no shame of doing so. but I
>have no fixed tricks. I'm not a western person and have no intention to
>my believes to a westernized idealism a systematic believes.
> Its interesting how what I shared about my own personal experience has
> > been
> > conveniently ignored and in fact what you say I do i.e name calling etc.
> > is
> > exactly what you are doing here but in a snidey play ground sort of way. 
> > call a spade a spade and if it was'nt for the industrial revolution we
> > would
> > be living in a barn yard feudal society were witches would be burned and
> > women and men at that dying from plague by the age of 35.
> >
> > My explanation was, which againe gets ignored (conveniently) was to 
> > thought, thats a product of the industrial revolution's mind set, the
> > ability to cognate. Think independently, children start to do it at 
> > the age of six. Ibogaine when it works well has the ability to stimulate
> > ares of the brain and as a result stimulate things like cognition, as a
> > result people learn and 'see' them selves and their surroundings in a
> > different way, and can learn to communicate that.
> >
> > A booster may well and I have used it as such months down the line and 
> > good effect, but it is also not neccessarily the spirits that are doing
> > it,
> > are they also creating the famines then, and so man is help less, no 
> > will only caught up in a voodoo world..mmph.
> >
> > Let me share with you something from Dr Don Beck a proponent of Spiral
> > Dynamics and pioneer in moving social theory in places such as South
> > Africa.
> > He is talking about the 'green movement' and its negative sides, its
> > desire
> > to look at the world through fragmented and non integrated ways, a 
> > which Ken Wilber the transpersonal theorist is currently writing about.
> > And
> > in some way goes to explain the difficulties that the 'green' s have in
> > dealing witht the world as it is..
> >
> > "you see, the whole idea of the 'mean green meme' is a rhetorical
> > strategy.
> > Ken and I asked: how do we uncap green? How do we keep it moving? 
> > so
> > much of it has become a stagnant pond, in our view. So we said let's
> > invent
> > the mean geen meme. Let's shaame it a bit, lets hold up the mirror and
> > show
> > it what it s doing, with the hope that it w
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