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sara119 at xs4all.nl sara119 at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 31 08:04:22 EDT 2005

thanks ED !

 people can to go to a conventional therapist in the city where they live,
if they wish to do so.

is that good enough,? I practice voodoo I have no shame of doing so. but I
have no fixed tricks. I'm not a western person and have no intention to
my believes to a westernized idealism a systematic believes.

 Its interesting how what I shared about my own personal experience has
> been
> conveniently ignored and in fact what you say I do i.e name calling etc.
> is
> exactly what you are doing here but in a snidey play ground sort of way. I
> call a spade a spade and if it was'nt for the industrial revolution we
> would
> be living in a barn yard feudal society were witches would be burned and
> women and men at that dying from plague by the age of 35.
> My explanation was, which againe gets ignored (conveniently) was to cause
> thought, thats a product of the industrial revolution's mind set, the
> ability to cognate. Think independently, children start to do it at about
> the age of six. Ibogaine when it works well has the ability to stimulate
> ares of the brain and as a result stimulate things like cognition, as a
> result people learn and 'see' them selves and their surroundings in a
> different way, and can learn to communicate that.
> A booster may well and I have used it as such months down the line and to
> good effect, but it is also not neccessarily the spirits that are doing
> it,
> are they also creating the famines then, and so man is help less, no free
> will only caught up in a voodoo world..mmph.
> Let me share with you something from Dr Don Beck a proponent of Spiral
> Dynamics and pioneer in moving social theory in places such as South
> Africa.
> He is talking about the 'green movement' and its negative sides, its
> desire
> to look at the world through fragmented and non integrated ways, a subject
> which Ken Wilber the transpersonal theorist is currently writing about.
> And
> in some way goes to explain the difficulties that the 'green' s have in
> dealing witht the world as it is..
> "you see, the whole idea of the 'mean green meme' is a rhetorical
> strategy.
> Ken and I asked: how do we uncap green? How do we keep it moving? Because
> so
> much of it has become a stagnant pond, in our view. So we said let's
> invent
> the mean geen meme. Let's shaame it a bit, lets hold up the mirror and
> show
> it what it s doing, with the hope that it w

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