[Ibogaine] New to this list - please can u all get back to me. Thank you!

Capt Kirk captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 31 07:40:49 EDT 2005

Hi Caroline,

Welcome to the list. Firstly I recommend you read the starting page of
Ibogaine list.so you understand just exactly what it is you've fallen into.


A.	We're all members. Of what we're usually not sure.
B.	We try really hard to ban all Brits but they usually get thru
anywayyyyyyy (looks at SonnyG and Nick nyuk nyuk) and as much as I give em
heaps they still insist on staying. Sigh.
C.	I've used Ibogaine but it was the weak version so all I can advise
is be careful where you get your supplies.

Again, welcome, if you are mad enough you may even have some fun

Luff from New Zealand

Land of the lost

Kirk :o) (that's Capt "womyn rule" Kirk)



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Thank you!
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Hi guys...

I only found your site a few days ago. I wonder if u can give me an idea of
a) how many of you are members, b) are there many other Brits? And how many
of u have used  Ibogaine and finally, those of u who have used Ibogaine -how
successful was the experience?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards


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