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Ed, you seem to have a firm grasp on the English language and can turn a 
phrase quite well. I must state to you that no provider that I know of will treat 
somebody that has no plan for aftercare. We all know that Ibogaine is not the 
only answer to stopping our addictions. Ibogaine interrupts the addiction but 
the real work must be done by the individual that has decided to take the 
Ibogaine treatment. I personally go to 12 step meetings sometimes, I talk with a 
counsler, I work to spread the word about Ibogaine to those who know nothing 
about it, and when all else fails I put about 50 22 rounds into a stuffed Barney 
figure. Ya know the Barney will take a lot of rounds before giving up the 
ghost. The thing is that we have no cut and dried aftercare program in place for 
people because we have to do it in secret. Do you know how many Docs and 
counslers I have talked to that at first said, "Ibo who or what?" We all have to do 
something after Ibogaine. At this point it is up to the individual to follow 
through on their own aftercare. Now after it gets legalized (yea right) I have 
a few idea's about a treatment program and have talked to some Docs and a 
bona fide shrink who think that Ibogaine is the logical way to treat an addict. 
Let's change the law so we can do some study and find out what really does help 
the most after Ibogaine. Peace      Randy
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