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> imagine.most sites and groups worth checking out or
> joining end up overrun with nonsense from people with
> faulty egos,it would seem,and that IS lame.toodle-doo

Dude, I'm an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. LOL  I recommend you 
going to the next conference or Harm Reduction thing that always includes Ibogaine 
people on the panel. Take a good look around the room at the leaders in the 
movements, not just the Ibogane movement, and then tell me that having an EGO 
is a problem. Ego's manifest themselves in good and bad ways. Some people are 
really trying to help and are actively doing things to make a difference. Some 
people just sit at their computers and bitch about what they are doing nothing 
to change. I know what I'm doing to help, and I feel good about it. This list 
saved my ass numerous times. Back when I was addicted to methadone ( and 
everything I could shoot to get past the done) I bitched and cried a lot, but I 
also laughed real hard when the funny posts came up. I needed everyone of those 
post. SOOOOOOO in the meantime did you here the one about the 
junky................. never mind, I guess you don't like to laugh. Seriously tho, if you are 
looking for clinical effects and the results of the testing on Ibogaine and 
it's derivitives, Patrick has a link on the homepage to more than most minds 
could comprehend. Also check out Howard's dosier on treatment. It's on the Dora 
Weiner Foundation web page I think. Come to think of it I think I should be 
re-reading some of that info. Thanx for making me think of it.   Randy
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