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Its interesting how what I shared about my own personal experience has been 
conveniently ignored and in fact what you say I do i.e name calling etc. is 
exactly what you are doing here but in a snidey play ground sort of way. I 
call a spade a spade and if it was'nt for the industrial revolution we would 
be living in a barn yard feudal society were witches would be burned and 
women and men at that dying from plague by the age of 35.

My explanation was, which againe gets ignored (conveniently) was to cause 
thought, thats a product of the industrial revolution's mind set, the 
ability to cognate. Think independently, children start to do it at about 
the age of six. Ibogaine when it works well has the ability to stimulate 
ares of the brain and as a result stimulate things like cognition, as a 
result people learn and 'see' them selves and their surroundings in a 
different way, and can learn to communicate that.

A booster may well and I have used it as such months down the line and to 
good effect, but it is also not neccessarily the spirits that are doing it, 
are they also creating the famines then, and so man is help less, no free 
will only caught up in a voodoo world..mmph.

Let me share with you something from Dr Don Beck a proponent of Spiral 
Dynamics and pioneer in moving social theory in places such as South Africa. 
He is talking about the 'green movement' and its negative sides, its desire 
to look at the world through fragmented and non integrated ways, a subject 
which Ken Wilber the transpersonal theorist is currently writing about. And 
in some way goes to explain the difficulties that the 'green' s have in 
dealing witht the world as it is..

"you see, the whole idea of the 'mean green meme' is a rhetorical strategy. 
Ken and I asked: how do we uncap green? How do we keep it moving? Because so 
much of it has become a stagnant pond, in our view. So we said let's invent 
the mean geen meme. Let's shaame it a bit, lets hold up the mirror and show 
it what it s doing, with the hope that it will seperate the mean green meme 
form legitimate healthy green. Lets expose enough people to the duplicity 
and artificiality and self-serving nature of their own belief systems around 
political correctness to finally get the wword out there that there's 
something beyond that. Its a drastic measure, a rhetorical strategy to 
create a symbol that will hopefully give people an understanding that what 
they are doing is actually destroying the thing they want to accomplish."

Taken from " What is Enlightenment" Magazine.

And this is the danger of substances and techniques which move 
consciousness, there is the need for integration and progression. It is why 
traditionally in Western Africa that it is all done within a strict and 
evolved on going social group. Were preparation may in some cases go on for 
weeks or months and is engaged with through a system of genuine elders not 
self apportioned ones. Like wise with all traditional practices of 
'enlightenment' or persoanl growth/individuation. None rely on chemical 
means alone, that is a western distortion puit forward by people who maybe 
run before they can walk, which can be exactly the effects of something 
which boosts mental and somatic experientials so drammatically. The negative 
attribute that can come out of that is a non developing sense of self as 
independent from a catalyst. Life should be the catalyst and in atruly 
wholistic model is. Why are practically all Buddhist techniques human 
techniques? Because we are so ingrained in human behavior, when you rely on 
something which is not human to create change you are looking at a rapidly 
untenable position, common sense should show us that.

In the words of C.G. Jung  "Every form of addiction is bad, no matter 
whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism."

I personally feel passing the message on to people seeking change that the 
world is somehow some imbalanced reprensible place in which we all suffer is 
not acceptable. You may cease someones addiction via chemical means but what 
equipment are you giving them to deal with the world on a realistic level, 
is that ethical? Freedom comes from mental liberation and allows people, us 
all to progress in to adulthood. Is that not what the traditional model is 
about, not this wishy washy magical thinking approach?


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> > Hi Randy ,
>thanks for sharing this wonderful news.
>I'm glad to know that you feel that way.
>being a control freak,playing mind games of shame, guilt,
>sticking lables on people is just as well addictive.it is the brainwashing
>mechanism, started when the industrial time started.
>thinking from an anarchist point of view.
>take care,
>I can say from my experience in just taking a booster after about 10
> > months
> > from my big treatment that the booster did help me. I am in no way 
> > that
> > it will help everyone, but it helped me. I feel re-energized, I feel the
> > love
> > again so to speak. Ibogaine changed my life In a great big good way. 
> > before the booster. I aint perfect, but I aint addicted anymore. How can
> > anyone
> > argue with that? Although I'm sure someone will piss on what I am 
> > I
> > don't care, I have a real good piss....... I mean rain coat. The one 
> > that I
> > have noticed is that no one gets the same thing from the experience. I
> > think
> > you get what you need from the drug. Some people are just oblivious to 
> > teachings of our ancesters. Pay attention or you don't get a good grade.
> > Randy
> >
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